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Product Branding and White-labeling

Product Branding and White-labeling

For the past 30 years Kentec has been able to offer its customers personalised branding on our extensive range of products.

Originally we would have used the silkscreen method to print the logos however this was very limiting due to the print process. In 2010 we moved this process into the digital age following the installation of a large format UV digital printer.

The introduction of the Oce Arizona printing machine revolutionised the way we make our products. Using the Arizona machine we are able to offer full colour print and as much detail as you’d like.


Customised to carry your Brand

After installing the first Oce Arizona machine we were able to slowly move all of our silkscreen processes over to the digital method meaning that in 2015 we added a second Arizona machine to keep up with production and demand.

If you would like to buy panels with your own logo printed on please talk to your local BDM for more information.

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