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Sigma A-CP Annunciator


Annunciator Panel

  • The Sigma A-CP Annunciator provides remote status indications of the Sigma A-CP Fire Control Panel for fire, trouble and supervisory conditions. Status indications for 8 zones are provided on the annunciator, but it is also compatible with 2 and 4 zone control panels. Zone LED indicators and Status LED indicators are synchronized to light at identical rates. The Sigma A-CP Annunciator includes an internal sounder and an automatic control for adjusting the lamp intensity of the Power and Trouble LEDs on the fascia of the unit.
  • The annunciator provides connections for 24 VDC power and RS 485 communication. The RS 485 Bus supports maximum of 7 Sigma A-CP Annunciators. The Sigma A-CP Annunciator includes a dip switch for addressing and an End Of Line Resistor (EOLR). LEDs are included inside the annunciator for monitoring heart beat, error, transmit and receive conditions. The fascia and back- box of the Sigma A-CP Annunciator is provided in colours of grey or red.
  • The user can write specific zone description on the labels to the right of the zone LED’s.



  • Data Sheet

    DS93 Data Sheet
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    Man-1239 Installation and Operation Manual
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    UL Approval Certificate of Compliance for Sigma A-CP Products
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