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Kentec/Argus based Analogue Addressable Fire System "Raduga-240" wins prestigious award at MIPS 2007

There is a global tendency nowadays of replacing Conventional and even Addressable Fire Systems by Intelligent Analogue Addressable Fire Systems. The volumes of such Systems presented in the Russian market has considerably increased recently. This article, translated from a major Russian Fire and Security periodical, introduces the Analogue Addressable Fire System "Raduga-240" which was the winner of the competition "Best innovative solutions in the safety technology area - 2007" (MIPS-2007, Moscow).

In 2006, the engineers of the "Argus-Spectrum" company developed the Analogue Addressable Protocol ArgusDIGITAL® and a series of Analogue Addressable detectors and modules, both wired and wireless. In order to build a fully integrated system, the company signed a contract with the world leading manufacturers of Control Panels: Kentec Electronics Ltd.

The Analogue Addressable Fire System "Raduga-240" has been developed on the basis of a Syncro Control Panel manufactured by Kentec Electronics Ltd. The system meets the demand of both Russian and European markets and complies with the requirements of their standards.

"Raduga-240" is compatible with the Wireless Intelligent Fire & Security System STRELEC®, which enables installations at the sites:

- where necessary to maintain the interior integrity uninterrupted;

- with areas inaccessible for cables;

- with temporary constructions.

The Analogue Addressable Protocol ArgusDIGITAL® favorably distinguishes "Raduga-240" from the other systems existing on the market and ensures the following features:

- 240 addresses per Signal Line, allocation of detectors and modules may be random;

- Signal "Fire" delivery time does not exceed 1 sec.;

- Algorithm "Distributed Intellect": both a detector and the Control Panel render a decision about the generation of a signal "Fire", which substantially decreases the possibility of false alarms;

- Detection and indication of double addressing: if necessary, all the LEDs can be actuated from the Control Panel at all the devices with explicit addresses;

The core of the System is the Analogue Addressable Control Panel "Raduga-240" engineered to operate with 2/4 Signal Lines with the common load, total of 800 wired and wireless devices. This enables a user to enlarge the System and build a reliable Fire Alarm System at sites, varied from medium size, where only one Control Panel "Raduga-240" can be installed, to very large size system, where a network consisting of 64 panels is used (i.e. up to 51200 addresses). Additionally, there are network boards (repeaters) for centralized control and monitoring.

Virtually any Intelligent System has various wired detectors and modules, whereas the key feature of "Raduga-240" is the wireless expansion of the Wired System based on the Wireless System STRELEC®.

Wireless expansion can be implemented at any point of a Signal Line at a site by installing the Wireless Expander "RRP-240". The Expander communicates with the Control Panel "Raduga-240" through the Protocol ArgusDIGITAL® and transmits signals incoming from the Wireless Intelligent Fire Detectors: Optical Smoke "Aurora-DR", ROR "Aurora-TR", Multisensor "Aurora-DTR" and Manual Call Point "CP-R". Besides, the wireless expansion can be enhanced by installing the Wireless Sounder "Sirena-R", Input and Executive Modules RIG, OM-R, OM-R2 (connection of light warning boards) and the Wireless Voice Alarm System "Orfey-R". Operation principles at the wireless area of "Raduga-240" are similar to those of the Wireless System STRELEC®.

Thus the Fire System "Raduga-240" enables a user to build a reliable and modern Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm System, combining the benefits of both wired and wireless systems, at sites of any size and complexity. Meanwhile, the flexible adjustment of the System's operation logics (inputs/outputs) allows a user to adapt the System for each particular site considering Customer's demand.

Click here for the Argus Security web site.

Click here for the Argus Spectrum web site.



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