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Multi Input/ Output Unit

  • Occupying less than 20% of the space required by conventional I/O units, the MIOU replaces the large and expensive enclosures normally required for this application.
  • With 8 opto-isolated inputs and 8 volt-free contacts (individually selectable as normally open or normally closed) or switched voltage outputs, the MIOU will find a multitude of uses in concentrated I/O applications.
  • Note: MIOU is currently compatible with Solo, Syncro and Syncro AS control panels only.
  • Note: MIOU supports Hochiki ESP protocol only.


  • Data Sheet

    DS21 Data Sheet
  • Manuals

    Man-1060 Main Manual (MIOU)


Multi Input/ Output Unit

(Lite version)

  • LIOU Lite provides 4 inputs and 4 outputs to a Hochiki analogue addressable detection loop in a compact and cost effective package.
  • The LIOU Lite can replace up to four addressable modules in approximately the same space taken by one standard module and is ideal for applications where a concentration of I/O is needed in a limited space.
  • The modules can be addressed with the Hochiki, hand held programmer in the range 1 to 127.
  • All inputs and outputs are fully configurable for any action and for cause and effect via the Syncro Loop Explorer configuration utility.
  • Each unit has an integral short circuit isolator which provides further cost and space savings.
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