Edition 61 September 2013


Syncro Firmware Release V6.41

As part of ongoing product improvements, there have been a number of minor firmware updates to the Syncro and Syncro AS panels since the last major release of V6.40 in January 2013.

These minor revisions have now been aligned in a firmware update V6.41, which is included in all Hochiki and Apollo protocol panels produced from September 2013.

The revisions include the following;

  • Syncro supports the ability to configure delays to input devices and detection devices in 10 second steps, from 0 to 120 seconds. This has been increased to 180 seconds in V6.41
    • Note: Loop Explorer V6.0036 or later is required to configure and support input delays of 130-180 seconds.
  • It has been reported that in some instances, Apollo output modules fail to switch off following a Reset on the panel. This only occurs after multiple fire events are activated, without a reset between them and will only apply to V6.22 - 6.40 firmware panels. V6.41 resolves this issue.
    • Note: The output will always switch on under a fire event, but in some circumstances are failing to clear on a reset.
  • Improved verification routine for input activation events from the Kentec Lite Input Output Unit (LIOU). Additional checks are performed if an input is returned as operated when no loop protocol interrupts are active
  • A particular scenario has been identified where devices in Disablement Cause and Effects could be permanently disabled, requiring a panel re-start to enable the devices. This only occurs when the following sequence is followed;
    • Activate the input to start the disablement cause and effect
    • While the Disablement Cause and Effect is active, Disable the detection zone that the devices disabled in the cause and effect belong to
    • Clear the zone disablement
    • Clear the Disablement Cause and Effect

This problem is fixed in V6.41

  • To improve the performance of Guide graphics on large networked systems, the general “serial data” buffer has been split into two separate dedicated buffers, one for the Syncro network and the second for the Guide graphics

The current Syncro firmware files may be downloaded from the Kentec web site.




Guide Event Log how to archive the log files

One of the key features of Guide is the ability to store the fire system activity on the Guide computer hard drive. Against each event it is possible to add comments advising the reason for the event. This can be useful for false alarm analysis, as required under the Limitation of False Alarms requirements of BS5839-1.

Supplied with Guide is a powerful event log viewing and filtering application, which can be launched within the Guide program or can be run as a separate application (to allow log files to be copied and interrogated remotely from the site Guide computer).

The log can be filtered by dates, event types, user logins, loops and addresses.
The results of the event log filtering can be viewed in either HTLM or list format and can be saved / exported in comma separated values (csv) file format for analysis using an external program, such as Microsoft Excel.

The Guide event log is actually made up from a number of individual “lst” files which are generated regularly at a pre-configured interval, set under the Guide administrator settings.
These files are stored in a defined event output folder in a path configured under the Guide Administrator settings.

Using a number of small files for the event log allows the older part of the log to be regularly archived, without losing the more recent event history.

For optimum performance, we strongly recommend the older event log files are regularly archived. This will prevent the event log viewer application from taking excessive time and processing power to filter the event history.

The recommended procedure for archiving the event log may be downloaded using the link below

Event log archive procedure

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