Edition 59 December 2012

Syncro Guide USB data converter



The Syncro Graphical User Interface for fire Detection Equipment (GUIDE) is a computer application, which compliments the Syncro range of control panels and provides a simple graphical representation of the system activity.

Guide can also be used to disable detection devices and provide panel controls through the simple and intuitive user interface.

The Guide computer communicates with the Syncro network using serial data. In order that the Guide computer can be located some distance from the nearest Syncro control panel, RS485 data is used. This permits transmission paths of up to 1200m when using suitable cable.

As part of the Guide package, an RS232 to RS485 data converter has been supplied to facilitate this serial link from the Guide computer. However, computers fitted with the 9-way D-type serial port are becoming less frequent and we have replaced this data converter with a USB device.

The USB device supplied is the EasySync USB2-H-6001-M.

The Windows drivers for this product will be included in the next Guide release installation process.
However for existing projects the USB drivers are downloaded from the EasySync web site - EasySync manuals and drivers and following the“Driver” link to the Future Technology Devices web site.

Alternatively the Windows 32 bit / 64 bit drivers may be downloaded using the link below - USB2-H-6001-M Windows x32/x64 drivers

These driver files should be unzipped and copied to a folder on the Guide computer. When the USB device is installed, the computer will ask for the driver files and should be pointed to the folder where these files have been copied to.

The USB interface connection details are slightly unusual, as a “data +” on the converter connects to “data -” on the S572 panel board.

In addition, two links on the USB converter are required (CTS+ to RTS+ and CTS- to RTS-) for correct operation.
These connection details are shown on Page 5 of the Guide manual, which may be downloaded from the Kentec web site or directly from the link below.

Download the Guide manual



Sigma XT Zone Disablement "Fire check" facility



The Zone Disablement “Fire Check” facility that was introduced to the Sigma CP range of panels in July 2012 (See In the Technical Loop 58 for details) has now been included in the Sigma XT and Sigma A-XT range of control panels.

This facility “checks” the state of a disabled detection zone and warns the user if the zone will give a fire condition, before it is enabled.

Sigma XT panels produced from mid-September 2012 have firmware V16 installed and include the zone check feature.

UL Listed Sigma A-XT panels produced from the beginning of September 2012 also have firmware V16 installed and include the zone check feature

Using the disablement ‘d1.’ to ‘d3.’ menu options to view disabled zones, if the zone number is flashing there is a detection device or call point in fire in that zone.   

When the zone number flashes, press the “Reset” button on the panel fascia to reset the detection devices and ensure that the zone number stops flashing before enabling the zone.

The Sigma XT Operation & Maintenance Manual (Man-1088 section 15.20.1) and Sigma A-XT Operating & Installation Manual (Man-1145 page 55) have been updated with this revised operation and may be downloaded using the links below.

Sigma XT Operation and Maintenance Manual

Sigma A-XT Operating and Installation Manual   



Sigma CP-A (Alarmsense) User manual


The Sigma CP user manual has been updated to include relevant User instructions for the Sigma CP-A panel in addition to the Sigma CP (K and T variant) control panels.

The updated Sigma CP user manual (Man-1082) may be downloaded from the link below.

Sigma CP and Sigma CP-A User Manual


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