Edition 56 November 2011

Syncro / Syncro AS Printer Update



Syncro control panels produced from December will be supplied with the revised front loading printer in place of the internal printer that has traditionally been used.

This new printer still uses thermal paper (58mm wide) but has the big advantage that the paper is easily changed and does not require internal access to the control panel.

It is therefore aimed towards allowing the end user to change the printer paper.

The 58mm printer paper is available from Kentec, part number B3472.

Note: This printer paper is compatible with the internal printer (K232SYN), however the original paper used for the internal printer (Kentec part B2869) is not directly compatible with this new printer unit.

The new printer is compatible with existing steel fascia control panels, but requires a revised fixing plate. This printer update kit is Kentec part K768SYN.

Updated Syncro panel manuals are available with details of the new printer and may be downloaded from our web site or via the links below:

Syncro Manual

Syncro AS Manual


Syncro V6.30 Firmware Update



As part of the Syncro product range enhancement, new panel firmware versions have been released and will be installed in all panels produced from November 2011.
Building on the major firmware release V6.20 (see ITTL 43) and minor update 6.22 (see ITTL 47) the following revisions have been added in V6.30:

  • Revised cause and effect processing on large networks
    • It was identified that on a very large network comprising of many panels and a high number of cause and effects, some panels failed to clear all events when the system was silenced and reset. This has been resolved in V6.30
  • Increased Detector fire indication quantities
    • When a number of detectors were put into a fire condition (without resetting the panel between activations) the panel would only illuminate the detector indicators for the first five detectors in total, to limit the loop current used. This has now been increased to five indicators per detection loop.
  • Improved control options from the Guide PC graphics system
    • Additional facilities have been added to the panel in preparation for the release of Guide V3.2
      • Support for the panel buzzer to be silenced when the “Silence Computer” button is selected in Guide
      • Support for the “Disable all Sounders” function to be provided through Guide
      • Facility to allow Guide to “pull” event data information from the fire system in a controlled manner, rather than the event data being pushed to the Guide system
  • Improved support of Argus Vega wireless devices
    • The device event flag combinations are checked to ensure that only valid combinations of event flags are processed.
    • The interrupt mechanism of wireless call points has been revised to provide a consistently fast response regardless of wireless device quantities installed on the detection loop
  • Revision for the Matrix & Ident Mimic configuration transfer
    • The expansion card type for the Matrix and Ident mimics was incorrect when the panel had been autolearned and the configuration sent to Loop Explorer
  • MIOU / LIOU states updated following a power loss
    • When the 24 volt supply is removed from the MIOU / LIOU devices then re-applied the outputs are now updated to ensure any outputs that should be activated are switched on

Download Syncro / Syncro AS panel update files. The panel firmware files may be downloaded from the Kentec web site



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