Edition 55 September 2011

Sigma CP-A AlarmSense Control Panel



The AlarmSense range of Sigma CP-A control panels inherit many of the features provided as standard by our Sigma CP two and four wire conventional control panels. Available with 2, 4 or 8 detection zones these panels are certified fully compatible with the Apollo AlarmSense range of detection and audio visual devices.

The Apollo AlarmSense device range comprises of optical smoke detectors, heat detectors, call points, relay outputs, base sounders, base sounder beacons, wall sounder and wall sounder beacons.
These devices are connected on a single pair of detection zone cables, providing installation cost savings by eliminating the need for separate sounder output circuits.

The Apollo AlarmSense detection devices provide some unique features, which are fully supported by the Sigma CP-A control panel.

Call Point Discrimination
Using the AlarmSense protocol, it is possible to discriminate between detection device fire events and smoke detection device fire events. This allows delays to sounders to be configured for automatic detection devices, yet the delays to be bypassed upon activation of a call point. Using a configuration option (option 28), a call point activation will flash the Zone Fire indicators and will show “Pu” in the seven segment display. The Zone Fire indicators will operate continuously from an automatic detection device fire event.

False Alarm Management for HMO Applications
The AlarmSense base sounder / base sounder beacon devices have a Dual In Line (DIL) switch to allow them to be configured as a “priority” sounder or a “non-priority” sounder.

When selected to the “priority” selection, activation of a fire event will cause the sounders to operate immediately in a Common, 2 stage or Zonal pattern (based upon the panel configuration settings).

When a sounder or sounder beacon base is set to “non-priority”, activation of a detector connected to the base will not cause the panel to enter the alarm condition and will only activate the sounder to which the detector is connected.
After the configured alarm verification delay time (of 30, 60 or 120 seconds) the panel will reset the activated detector. If smoke is no longer present the system will revert to normal quiescent condition.
If smoke is still present and the detector activates again, a fire condition will be indicated at the control panel and all sounders will operate in a Common, 2 stage or Zonal pattern (based upon the panel configuration settings).

The “non-priority” setting makes the Sigma CP-A panel particularly suitable for Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) applications, such as student accommodation and nursing homes.

Sigma CP-A operational variations
The Sigma CP-A panel is only compatible with the Apollo AlarmSense range of detection devices, call points, relays and audio visual devices.

  • No more than 20 AlarmSense detection devices can be fitted to a single detection zone
  • No more than 20 base sounder / base sounder beacons are supported per zone
  • No more than 10 open area sounder / sounder beacons are supported per zone
  • A maximum of 200mA sounder output current per zone is permitted
  • The zone voltage is 12 volts in quiescent, raised to 24V for sounder operation
  • The end of line resistance is 3k3 ohms
  • The K14060 LCMU devices are not compatible with this control panel

Repeaters and expansion board compatibility
The standard Sigma CP-R repeater panel is compatible with the Sigma CP-A control panel.
The standard Sigma CP Ancillary Relay Card (K580) and Sigma CP Sounder Card (K461) are also compatible with the Sigma CP-A control panel

Flush & Vision Window Options
The Sigma CP-A control panels can be semi-flushed into walls by the use of the M2FCLGT flushing bezel.
A Tamper Resistant Vision Window option is also available for this control panel. This is part reference K18002 and may be easily retro fitted to existing panels by simple removal of the standard door and replacing with the new vision window door. 

Download the AlarmSense Compatibility Certificate

Download the Sigma CP-A Datasheet

Download the Sigma CP-A Manual


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