Edition 53 July 2011


Sigma XT Panel – Firmware update



As part of the policy to continuously review and improve the Kentec product range in accordance with customer requirements, the Sigma XT control panel firmware has recently been updated.

This firmware update applies to all panels manufactured after 17th June 2011 and can be identified by the label on the panel microprocessor, which should be marked SIGXT_1.4.hex.

The following revisions have been included in this update:

Mains Fault Delay
Under normal circumstances the panel will report a “mains fail” fault within a short time interval from the removal of the mains supply to the panel. In situations where the panels are remotely monitored for faults and where a mains failure is a common occurrence, this may become a nuisance. By the selection of the Access Level 3 configuration option “2d”, it is possible to select a 30 minute delay between the removal of the mains supply and the indication of the mains fault and the subsequent operation of the general fault relay.

However if the panel detects a “Battery Low” fault either before or during the delay period, then the delay will be cancelled and the panel will go to a general Fault and Power Fault state and operate the Fault relay contact.

Fault Relay Operation during Reset
When the Sigma XT panel is reset, power is removed from the detection zones for a short period of time. During this time the panel is not able to report any Fire events from the detection devices and a fault event is given. The panel operation has now been revised so that the fault relay output is delayed for 10 seconds during this reset process, to avoid a fault being detected at the remote monitoring station as result of the panel reset process.

Additional Software Filtering on Analogue Inputs
The software algorithm for the Sigma XT monitored circuits has been improved to further improve the stability of the panel under extreme cases where high electromagnetic interference is induced onto these circuits.

The Sigma XT panel manual has been updated to reflect these revisions and may be downloaded using the link below.

Download the Sigma XT manual





Syncro Day / Night Sensitivity Adjustments



The Syncro range of analogue addressable control panels provides many features and facilities to allow the system to be configured to meet customer specific requirements.

One of these facilities is the ability to change the device sensitivity (and in the case of multi-sensors, the detection type used) between day and night times.

However, before changing the sensitivity of the detection devices, consideration should be given to the compliance of the system in accordance with EN54 requirements. If device sensitivity adjustments from the default panel settings are to be made, this may affect the approval status of the detection devices and should be noted on the commissioning records.

Some of our detection devices partners’ products (for example the Apollo Discovery range) are fully certified regardless of the sensitivity mode selected and such products should be considered if a fully compliant system is to be provided.


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