Edition 49
February 2011

Saturday Technical Support continues in 2011

In September 2010 we started a pilot scheme to provide technical support between the hours of 09:00-13:00 on Saturdays.

We have been carefully monitoring this service and have identified that we have helped many different customers from a variety of companies over the last 5 months. We have therefore committed to continue this additional customer support service throughout 2011.

We have identified that the majority of callers prefer to start early on Saturdays and therefore we have decided to revise the Saturday support times to accommodate this.   

From February 19th 2011 our new Saturday Technical Support hours will be from 08:00 to 12:00.

Saturday technical support will be available on our normal office number (+44(0)1322 222121) or by e-mail

To further enhance our Technical Support resources during normal office hours, our Northern Region Technical Support Engineer, John Kirk may be contacted on our normal office number. When not on site directly supporting customers in the Northern Region, John assists the Technical Support team by providing telephone technical support to all customers.

Kentec Website – Firmware Download Section

Syncro and Syncro AS control panels have their operating system firmware stored in non-volatile flash memory. This gives the option that the panel may be updated as new panel features and support for new devices are added to the panel (subject to hardware compatibility).

The most current panel firmware files are available for download from the Kentec web site

In general, the panel firmware should not be updated unless the site requires support for new devices or will benefit from any of the enhancements that have been introduced. The other scenario where panel firmware may need to be updated is when panels are added to an existing network, as the firmware in all networked panels should be the same.

In order to perform the panel firmware update, it is necessary to have the current version of Loop Explorer configuration software (Loop Explorer Version 6). From the main editing screen within this application, use the “Tools” menu option then select the “Flash” sub-menu and follow the on-screen instructions. Before attempting any updates, ensure that you have a copy of the site configuration file, as there is the possibility that the site configuration may need to be re-loaded to the panel following the firmware update.
We recommend that computers with inbuilt RS232 serial ports are used for this process, as some USB to RS232 converters have failed to successfully complete the update process.

Older Syncro control panels fitted with display card issue 6 or earlier should not be updated due to possible hardware compatibility issues. Please contact Kentec Technical Support for further information on updating older control panels.


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