Edition 47
November 2010

Sigma CP Fault Relay Revision

As part of our continued development of the Kentec products and in response to customer request, we have recently updated the Sigma CP firmware to Version 2.10.

The majority of the revisions in this firmware update are enhancements to the display and control of the Sigma CP-R repeater panel (when used with CP-R firmware V2.0). In particular when using configuration option 28 for the unique display of call point fire events.

However there is one enhancement to the panel operation that will affect all systems.
When the panel is reset, power is momentarily removed from the detection zones to reset the detection devices. During this time the panel is unable to detect fire events and therefore is in a fault condition – the zone fault indicators are illuminated to give a visual indication of this state.

For panels with firmware versions prior to V2.10 the fault output contact also operates during the time taken for the panel to reset. V2.10 firmware panels now have a 10 second delay before the fault relay is operated, to prevent the fault relay from operating during the Reset and giving unwanted fault events to remote monitoring stations.

Unfortunately it is not possible to update the panel firmware on site on the Sigma CP panels, therefore any existing systems that may benefit from this revised fault relay operation will either need to be replaced with the newer panel, or the panel returned to Kentec to be updated.

Download Sigma CP Manual:


Syncro Firmware V6.22 Release

There has also been a minor update to the Syncro and Syncro AS panel range firmware. This update has the following enhancements;

  • Network time synchronisation has been disabled for open ended networks.
    • It was identified that some “open ended” network systems could not properly support the daily automatic time broadcast and gave network error messages.
  • Hochiki CHQ-POM enhancements
    • The CHQ-POM support has been improved to provide the option to give a pulsing (1 second on / 1 second off) output for alert sounder control
    • Upon a panel restart the loop power is switched off for an extended period, to ensure reliable device initialisation on all site installation combinations.
  • Apollo I/O non-latched input improvement
    • When a non-latched input on the I/O unit was cleared, the panel was incorrectly clearing any outputs on the same address. This is resolved in this version.
  • Disconnected Fault display in the “View Devices” menu
    • If a detection device is disconnected, then this is now shown as “Disconnected” in the View Devices status, as well as in the default display. Previously any disconnected devices were showing as a “Normal” status, but with an analogue value of 0 when viewed in the View Devices menu option.    

The current Syncro firmware files may be downloaded from the Kentec web site


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