Edition 44
August 2010

GUIDE V3.1 release

The GUIDE graphical user interface for the Syncro range of control panels provides a simple to use, informative display to monitor and control the Syncro system.
GUIDE allows the user to control and interrogate the Syncro system using the intuitive user interface, providing the ability to:

  • Disable and enable detection points
  • Disable and enable detection zones
  • Poll detection devices analogue values
  • Control the Syncro panel

In addition, GUIDE saves Syncro events to an Event Log on the GUIDE computer hard drive, allowing powerful event log filtering and reporting.
The Guide product has been recently been updated to Version 3.1, to provide the following enhancements.

  • Device Status Verification before clearing disablements. A configurable option to allow the Guide system to give a warning if a disabled device may generate a fire event when enabled. This warning message is given when the device is enabled and gives the option to cancel the enablement to avoid the unwanted fire event
  • Default user login on start-up. It is possible to configure any single user account to automatically login when Guide starts. This is useful in systems where there is a possibility of power failures, because it will allow the system to automatically restore when power is resumed
  • Improved Designer and Event Log Viewer programs. A number of small improvements have been made to the Designer and Event Log Viewer programs and these are included in the V3.1 release. For example it is now only possible to place a detection device on a single map.
  • Improved error checking and exception handling. Additional data validation has been added to the Guide program to ensure any exceptions in the configuration file are handled correctly, which improves the robustness of the product.

Before updating Guide V3 systems to Guide V3.1, please ensure that you have a full backup of the Guide V3 installation folder (usually c:\program files\guide by default) AND a copy of the project file folder. This allows the option to “roll back” in the event of any unforeseen problems in the update.
Guide V1.0 and Guide V2.0 systems are not compatible with Guide V3.1 and should not be upgraded.

Download the GUIDE Datasheet:
Download the GUIDE Manual:

Download the GUIDE V3.1 Update files (29Mb):

Loop Explorer V6.006

Two small revisions have been made to Loop Explorer V6.

The ability to “double click” to add the Syncro Matrix Mimic modules has been restored. A compilation error resulted in this facility being removed in V6.005. V6.004 and older versions were unaffected.

It is now possible to change the input action for input devices that are included in cause and effects. This facility was not permitted in all previous versions of Loop Explorer, which meant that it was necessary to remove the input from the cause and effect, change the input action then edit the cause and effect to replace the device in the cause and effect.

These minor updates are included in Loop Explorer Version 6.006.

Please contact Kentec Technical Support ( if you would like to receive this updated version of Loop Explorer*

(* - Eligible customers only. To be eligible for Loop Explorer updates you shall be a Kentec customer that has previously purchased a Syncro / Syncro AS control panel and/or has previously registered the Loop Explorer product)

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