Edition 37
January 2010

Loop Explorer Version 6.00 Release

As part of our regular improvement program for the Syncro control panel range, a new version of the Loop Explorer configuration application has been released and is being supplied to all registered users.

This new version provides the following new features:

  • Support for Syncro V6.00 panels – A new panel firmware version is due to be released soon, which has some new configuration options including:

    • Enhanced Resound Silenced Sounder options – it is now possible to configure sounders that have been previously silenced NOT to automatically resound from a fire event in a different zone.

    • Improved Zone Disablement options for Loop I/O devices – it is now possible to configure loop input / output units to include the device outputs in zone disablements, to allow simple global isolation of many plant outputs by mapping them to a single zone. Also it is possible to configure the inputs to not be disabled when the zone that the I/O device is configured to has been disabled.

  • Improved Apollo Discovery Sounder Beacon tone selection – The Apollo panel tone selection screen is hidden unless these devices are installed on the control panel. The tone selection options have also been improved to highlight which combination of tones are available under different control scenarios.

  • Hochiki CHQ-POM output configuration – The output configuration screen has been enhanced to simplify the permutations of output options available.

  • Other Enhancements – A number of minor bug fixes have been included in this version.

This version of Loop Explorer will remain compatible with older Syncro panels, but the new features supported will not be available.

Important: It will not be possible to configure Version 6 firmware panels with older versions of Loop Explorer, so it is important that all commissioning engineers are updated with this version.
If you do not receive the Loop Explorer V6 update CD within the next week, please contact either the Kentec Sales or Technical Support team for your update.

Note: Loop Explorer will only be issued to Kentec customers that can provide evidence of having previously purchased Syncro or Syncro AS control panels.

Download Loop Explorer Version 6.00 update information:

Syncro AS Year 2010 date bug

A problem has been identified with the Syncro AS panel time setting whereby the year 2010 is represented on the Syncro AS / Syncro AS Lite and Syncro ASM (marine) panels as 2016.

This problem has been found to be due to the way that the panel date and time is stored in memory in the panel hardware. For some date settings after 2009, it has been found that the date memory is being incorrectly stored and as a result is being corrupted.

The first year that is affected is 2010, but other years after 2010 are also affected.

The incorrect year setting does not stop the panel from working correctly - it will process fire, pre-alarm, fault and disablement events as normal.

ALL firmware versions of Syncro AS panels will be affected by this problem and therefore the panel firmware will need to be updated to resolve this issue. A firmware update for the Syncro AS panels may be downloaded using the links below.

The date / time information on the Syncro AS panel is only used on the default screen (in a normal / quiescent) condition and stored in the event log when events occur. It is not immediately obvious to the end user and therefore it is our recommendation that this update is performed during regular service visits rather than to make specific visits to site to update the panel firmware.

Note: Only Syncro AS / Syncro AS Lite and Syncro ASM panels are affected by this issue.
The Syncro / Syncro Lite / Syncro XT panels store the clock information in different memory and are not affected by this problem.

Download Syncro AS V5.252UK Apollo/Hochiki Protocol update firmware:

Download Syncro AS V5.251UK Argus Vega Protocol update firmware:

Syncro XT panel firmware update

It has been discovered that if the Syncro XT panel is activated from the quiescent condition to the released condition by means of a input configured as a “Released Pressure” input type, the panel relays do not reset when the panel is reset.

The panel relays affected are the 1st Stage and 2nd Stage outputs.

To resolve this potential issue, a panel firmware update has been released and may be downloaded using the link below.

Note: The 1st and 2nd stage relays operate correctly and will reset correctly if the system is activated either by automatic fire detection or by manual release inputs, followed by the release pressure switch operation. This problem is only evident if the system is activated just from the released pressure input, as would be experienced in the case of a mechanical release of the extinguishing agent.

Download Syncro XT V4.77 update firmware:

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