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Syncro Analogue Addressable Fire Control Panel


Syncro Display and Loop Card compatibility

The Syncro multi-loop control panel has been approved to EN54-2 / EN54-4 by BSI since 2004.
As part of the revisions made to the control panel for this certification process, there was an amendment to the panel display card hardware. This revision included the addition of a memory “write enable” switch to the display card, plus a different fault-warning buzzer with a higher output volume.
In addition, there were some revisions to the panel firmware, to monitor the write enable switch position and to monitor all microprocessors in the control panel for the EN54-2 “system fault” compliance. Finally, there was also a revision to the menu structure.

The older Syncro display cards had the part reference “S550” and would have firmware revisions V1.00 – V4.61 installed.

Following certification, the panel display cards have the part reference S550ENH (Hochiki), S550ENA (Apollo) and S550ENV (Argus Vega). These display cards would have V5.00 or higher firmware installed.

If there is ever a requirement to replace a display card on a non-certified panel with firmware version V4.6 (or older), then this must be replaced with a S550 display card.

If the S550 is replaced with an S550ENA/H/V display card the panel will report a “System Fault” warning.

This System Fault is result of the loop cards not supporting a memory test facility required under EN54-2. Because the loop card fails to respond to the memory check command, the display assumes that there is a failure. The only way to resolve this failure is to either use the S550 display card, or to replace the loop cards with newer version hardware.

To summarise -

S550 display card – Version 1.00 though to V4.61 firmware – replace with S550 only.

S550ENH / S550ENA / S550ENV display card – Version 5.00 or higher – replace with same display part code only.

NOTE: The part reference of the display card is given on the bar code label, along with the batch number and item number of the batch. This should be used to confirm the part reference when replacing boards.


Repair Prices for non-warranty items

Our new Price List is now available and runs from August 2009 to 31st July 2010.

One of the updates is the addition of Repair Prices for circuit boards. Throughout the price list there are prices for spare boards for the different products and against these products there is also a Repair Price code. Details of the Repair Code prices are given at the front of the price list (page 4) along with the procedure and policy regarding repairs.

The new Price List can be downloaded or alternatively we can send you a copy by post. Please select your preference below:

Download 2009/10 Price List (PDF 1.8Mb):
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Download 2009/10 Price List (PDF 1.8Mb):

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Apollo Loop Calculator

The Apollo Loop Calculator application has been recently updated. This is a full installation package of the application and includes corrected panel parameters for the Syncro and Syncro AS control panels. This version (2.16) supersedes previous versions. In order to ensure accurate loop calculations, it is recommended that this version is used.

This application may be downloaded from the Apollo web site using the following link:

If you feel a colleague may benefit from receiving In the Technical Loop they can be registered for their own future copy by clicking the following link.

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