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Syncro Analogue Addressable Fire Control Panel

Syncro AS
Analogue Addressable Fire Control Panel

Syncro V5.94 / Syncro AS V5.25 Firmware Release

As part of the Syncro product range enhancement, new panel firmware versions have been released and will be installed in all panels produced from July 2009. These firmware versions provide support for the following improvements.

Hochiki CHQ-POM start-up current
• A revision has been made so that the CHQ-POM output current is now set to the programmed level in the device EEPROM (rather than the maximum 32mA) when the device first initialises. This was originally set to 32mA on the first poll to allow for inrush currents on the loads, however this limited the capacity of the number of devices that could be fitted to the detection loop.

Apollo Discovery Base Sounder – Tone Selection
• A revision has been made to the Apollo Discovery Base Sounder / Beacon tone options. When controlled by cause and effect logic, as a continuous output in the “effect” the primary default tone (configured in loop explorer) is used.

• If the cause and effect has a “pulsing” effect, the secondary tone (associated with the primary default tone above) is used – thus permitting different tones to be used for continuous and pulsing cause and effects.

Analogue value interrogation of call points and input devices
• This is added to support a future feature of Guide, whereby call points and input units may be interrogated to confirm a normal state is present before enabling devices / resetting the fire system

Guide network “reset” operation revision
• In large networked systems, pressing Reset on one of the control panels will initiate the reset process for the whole system, however it may be some seconds before this process is completed. In order to prevent the user from pressing Reset again (restarting the process), a Reset delay has been added to prevent multiple operation of the reset in quick succession. The reset button is enabled after 10 seconds of the first operation or as soon as the Reset sequence is completed.

Test mode cause and effects - send to network facility

• When Test Mode cause and effects were written with the “Send To Network” option deselected, the cause and effects were still being passed onto the network once active, and therefore could be processed on remote panels.

• The Syncro operation has now been amended so that when the “send to Network” option is deselected, the test device operation is localised to the panel under test only – the same as for the panel menu option.

• Note: the “Include Call Point” option in Loop Explorers “Test Mode cause and effect wizard” only applies to panels V4.xx or older. EN54-2 approved panels (V5.xx onwards) include call points in zones in test and this is not configurable

Download Syncro V5.94UK Apollo Protocol update firmware:

Download Syncro V5.94UK EN Compatible Apollo Protocol update firmware
(older panels without write enable switch):

Download Syncro V5.94UK Hochiki Protocol update firmware:

Download Syncro V5.94UK EN Compatible Hochiki Protocol update firmware
(older panels without write enable switch):

Download Syncro AS V5.25UK Apollo/Hochiki Protocol update firmware:


Sigma SI Extinguishant Status Unit

Sigma XT+
Status Unit

Sigma SI zone indicators on Sigma XT+ panels

The Sigma SI status unit provide detailed remote indication and control of the Sigma XT and Sigma XT+ control panels.

Up to 7 Sigma SI status units may be connected to each Sigma XT panel, or each area on the Sigma XT+ panel, using a 4-core power and data cable.

The Sigma SI range comprises of 12 different enclosure and function options, nine of which are variants of the “6 lamp” unit.

Three of the range are “10 lamp” status units, which provide additional indicators for Fire Zone 1, Fire Zone 2, Fire Zone 3 and Fault.

These status units are designed to complement the Sigma XT panel, which is a three zone, single area panel.

As the Sigma XT+ panel supports up to 8 detection zones, the 10 lamp status units are unsuitable for the display of the zones in fire on the Sigma XT+ panel. We recommend that only the 6 lamp status units are used on the Sigma XT+ panels.

If a Fire zone repeater is required for the Sigma XT+ panel, then the Sigma CP-R may be connected to the panel to provide this additional information.

Download the Sigma XT+ datasheet:

Download the Sigma SI status units datasheet:

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