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Level 2 Training introduced for 2009

In 2008, Kentec introduced regional training courses to provide our customers with the foundation information required to install, configure and operate our Syncro analogue addressable control panels.
These one-day courses were held monthly at strategic venues around the country, but due to popular demand some of these courses were increased to two days in some locations.

Building on the success of this foundation course, a Level 2 course has been developed for 2009. This course builds on the core knowledge gained in the Foundation Course and is much more “hands on” with practical examples of networking panels, adding expansion cards to panels, updating panel firmware, building network configuration files and complex cause and effects. Aimed at commissioning and service engineers, this course provides a detailed understanding of the Kentec Syncro & Syncro AS products and allows engineers to gain confidence on these products in a controlled environment.

The Level 2 course is only available to UK customers that have successfully completed the foundation course, either during the 2008 Foundation training courses or on Day 1 of our two-day regional training courses available throughout the country during 2009.

If you would like to subscribe to any of our Regional training courses, please apply online via our web site or contact our training staff, Roger Sucking for availability. Alternatively you may discuss training requirements with our Business Development Manager for your region.
These courses have limited spaces and are allocated on a first come-first served basis. We recommend you book early to avoid disappointment.

Download a copy of the Syncro (Foundation) Training Schedule:
Download a copy of the Syncro Level 2 Training Schedule:


Syncro Analogue Addressable Fire Control Panel


Syncro AS
Analogue Addressable Fire Control Panel

Loop Explorer V4.94

The last major release of Loop Explorer was Version 4.90, which was distributed to all registered users during March 2008 and featured in “In The Technical Loop - Issue 25” in April 2008.

During the latter part of 2008, two interim updates were issued, details of which are given in “In the Technical Loop – Issue 30” and “In the Technical Loop – Issue 32

As part of our ongoing development, we have recently issued another interim version (4.94), which has the following revisions;

Auto Synchronise Network Time
Any existing site configuration files, when loaded and saved with this version of loop explorer will automatically have a master clock panel allocated. By default this tends to be panel 1 but it is possible to see which panel has been allocated as the master clock in the “Edit panel” screen.

When this configuration is loaded into a network system of Syncro panels with V5.931 (AS panel V5.244) then ALL panels will have their clocks synchronised to the master panel every 24 hours. This action ensures that all panel event log data times are consistent across the network

Apollo Discovery Loop Sounder Default Tone For Cause and Effects
Generally, when controlling loop sounders by cause and effect logic, the “technical alarm” tone is used.
However for the Apollo Discovery Sounder devices, this rule does not apply and a secondary tone (pulsing) was found to be allocated against sounders either controlled by cause and effects or after a delay expired.
A new facility has been added to Loop Explorer V4.94 to allow the tone required for sounders controlled by cause and effects or after a delay, to be configured.

Note: In order for this option to be supported on the control panel, the panel firmware must be Syncro V5.931 / Syncro AS panel V5.244 or later.

Please contact any member of Technical Support department if you require and update to this version of Loop Explorer. We will require your contact details and company details in order to validate eligibility for this upgrade before we can issue the CD or e-mail the upgrade files to you.

Syncro Version 5.931 / Syncro Version 5.244 Update
In order to support the two features listed above, we have recently released a revision to the Syncro / Syncro AS panels firmware.

In addition to these two new features, there are revisions to the Syncro networking facilities, to make the system more robust in cases where there are systems with network communication failures (fibre optic / TCP/IP networking) and/or high levels of network traffic. In such cases there is a small possibility that the “event cleared” messages are not passed to all panels, which can result in residual events displayed on remote network panels.

To reduce this possibility, the network event buffer size is increased, thus allowing more messages to be stored on the panel whilst waiting for the network communications to settle.

In the unlikely event that any residual network events remain on remote panels, there is a new menu option to re-synchronise all network panels.
This engineer’s feature is in the Access Level 3 “Set Times” menu. When selected, all panels clear any events not generated at that panel, then request all remote panels to re-send their event information. This re-builds all panel information ensuring all panels are showing consistent information.

Download Syncro V5.931UK Apollo Protocol update firmware:

Download Syncro V5.931UK EN Compatible Apollo Protocol update firmware
(older panels without write enable switch):

Download Syncro V5.931UK Hochiki Protocol update firmware:

Download Syncro V5.931UK EN Compatible Hochiki Protocol update firmware
(older panels without write enable switch):

Download Syncro AS V5.244UK Apollo/Hochiki Protocol update firmware:

If you feel a colleague may benefit from receiving In the Technical Loop they can be registered for their own future copy by clicking the following link.

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