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Syncro V5.91 / Syncro AS V5.23 Firmware - New Features

As part of the Syncro product range enhancement, new panel firmware versions have been released and will be installed in all panels produced from July 2008. These firmware versions provide support for the following improvements

  • Hochiki CHQ-POM extended output delay
    • When this device is configured as a “Output normally on” output with the “Remove on reset” attribute selected, the output is removed for a minimum of 5 seconds, to allow sufficient time for beam units to reset
  • Apollo Discovery Base Sounder – Tone Selection
    • The ability to configure the Discovery base sounder to operate with different tones for different event types is now supported
  • Apollo Discovery Base Sounder – Volume Selection using the magnetic wand facility
    • Allows the Discovery base sounder volume to be locally adjusted for optimum audibility, using the Apollo magnetic wand. The revised volume level is then stored in the panel configuration file
  • Test mode and Disablement Cause and Effect information passed to Guide
    • When a disablement or test mode cause and effect is active, the name of the cause and effect is shown on the Syncro LCD
    • If the panel is connected to the Guide Graphical Interface package, then the event is also displayed and logged on the Guide system
  • Improved network card data handling
    • The network card data processing has additional detection facilities to trap and resolve corrupted data without adversely affecting the panel or network reliability

A number of known issues have also been resolved as part of this update, for full details of these amendments, click here to download the update document. :

Download Syncro Panel update files:

Download Syncro Apollo V5.91UK:

Download Syncro Apollo V5.91UK EN Compatible
(older panels without write enable switch):

Download Syncro Hochiki V5.91UK:

Download Syncro Hochiki V5.91UK EN Compatible
(older panels without write enable switch):

Download Syncro AS Panel update files:

Download Syncro AS Apollo/Hochiki V5.23UK:

Kentec Line Continuity Monitoring Unit (LCMU)

To comply with amendment 12.6.2.f of BS5839: part 1: 2002 which requires that call points remain operational upon removal of detectors, the Line Continuity Monitoring Unit (LCMU) may be fitted in place of the end of line resistor.

In such an installation, there are a number of restrictions and rules that should be considered to ensure reliable operation of these devices

  • Schottky diodes (BVY-1060) must be fitted in each base, in order to maintain line continuity when the detection device is removed. Alternatively the detection device manufacturers diode base must be installed.
  • If the control panel is not manufactured by Kentec, then a 47uF capacitor shall be fitted at the panel zone terminals
  • It is essential that the cabling from the panel is wired to the “in” of the first base, then from the “out” of the first base to the “in” of the second etc. If this is not correctly connected then devices beyond the removed unit will fail to operate in a fire condition
  • The detection zone polarity shall be maintained along the zone cabling between all devices
  • No more than 20 detection devices are permitted to be connected to the detection zone when using an LCMU device
  • The LCMU device end of line resistance value shall be matched to the normal end of line resistor for the control panel (6k8 ohms for Kentec panels)
  • The overall zone cable resistance is critical in the reliable operation of these devices. The complete resistance of both cores of the 2-core detection zone cable, including all detection device terminations should be less than 50 ohms.
  • LCMU must not be installed on “2 wire” control panels (including the Kentec Sigma CP “T series” panels).
  • LCMU must not be installed on intrinsically safe detection zones
  • LCMU must be connected with the correct polarity
  • Care should be taken to ensure that the LCMU is not damaged or shorted to any of the cables or earth in the detection device to which it is installed

For more information on the LCMU product:

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