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Service Replacement Items –
Firmware Request Facility

All items manufactured by Kentec Electronics (since 1st July 2006) are covered by a 3-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty period starts from the date of delivery of the goods.

In the event of a failure in the product within the warranty period, replacement sub-assemblies will be provided under the Kentec Service Replacement Item (SRI) scheme.
Initially the diagnosis of any problem sub-assemblies is determined (typically by telephone technical support between the site engineer and the Kentec technical support engineers). A written request (fax or e-mail) is then required, giving details of the panel order number, required items and delivery address. The replacement parts are then shipped for next day delivery, subject to availability.
The original items should be returned to Kentec Electronics within 14 days of delivery and any items not returned within 28 days will be invoiced.

In the event of networked products (Syncro and Syncro AS panels) it is our recommendation that all panels on the network have the same firmware installed. As standard, any replacement products supplied would have the current production release firmware installed. Adding the replacement product to the network will mean that either the replacement product needs to be “downgraded” to a compatible version or all the other panels on the network will need to be upgraded to the current version.

We appreciate the inconvenience caused by this requirement and therefore offer a “firmware compatibility” option when supplying SRI Syncro display cards or Syncro AS boards. If, at the time the SRI is requested the firmware version required is clearly specified, we will pre-program the replacement board with the requested version.

Please note that we are unable to program the Syncro display card (S550) to firmware versions older than V4.00.

For details of the Kentec Returns and Repair policy:

Syncro Analogue Addressable Fire Control Panel


Syncro AS
Analogue Addressable Fire Control Panel

Apollo XPander devices on
Syncro / Syncro AS Panels

The Kentec Syncro (version 5.70 onwards) and Syncro AS panels (version 5.20 onwards) fully support the Apollo XPander wireless intelligent detectors and allow the panels to be configured to display these device types and their appropriate fault event messages to be reported.

Loop Explorer Version 4.80 onwards is required to configure these devices and this version of loop explorer will add a number of checks to ensure system integrity.
These checks include:
  • Ensure that an interface unit is installed before adding XPander devices
  • Ensure that no more than 5 interface units can be added to the loop
  • Ensure that no more than 15 detectors can be added to a radio interface unit

The Apollo type codes allocated to these devices are based on XP95 equivalent devices, with the XPander interface module, for example, having the same type code as the XP95 zone monitor. The reason for this is that these products would be immediately compatible with older panels that do not support the devices as the XPander identification.

Therefore on an auto-configured Syncro / Syncro AS panel, the devices will be seen as the more common XP95 devices, regardless of the firmware version of the panel.

If the system configuration is then transferred from the Auto configured panel into Loop Explorer, the following options are available when adding new XPander devices.

1. Edit the auto configured panel configuration and amend the device types for the XPander devices and interface from the XP95 equivalent to the true XPander device types. This will then allow additional XPander devices to be added using the rules above (assuming the panel firmware supports the devices)

2. Add the XPander devices using the equivalent XP95 device. This will be necessary on older firmware panels, but if the panel firmware supports the XPander device then it is preferable to use option 1 above, in order to get the true fault messages reported.

It is not possible to add XPander devices to Loop Explorer configuration files unless at least one XPander interface is installed on the detection loop.

K2.01/K4.01 Weatherproof
3 Lamp Status Unit

K2.01 / K4.01 weatherproof Status Units

The Kentec range of weatherproof status units for the older K2.01 and K4.01 series panels has been updated. The following status units are discontinued and have been replaced by “Sigma Si” styled units.

Discontinued Model Replacement Model
W9030047 W90300W8
W9031149 W90311W8
W9040048 W90400W8

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