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Syncro Analogue Addressable Fire Control Panel


Syncro AS
Analogue Addressable Fire Control Panel

Syncro / Syncro AS panel update procedure

As part of our regular improvement program for the Syncro control panel range, occasionally there are new revisions of panel firmware issued. These revisions provide new features, support for new devices manufactured by our detector partners and resolution of problems that may have been reported.

New firmware versions are notified by means of the In The Technical Loop e-bulletins.

It is our general recommendation that, unless the support for the new features or devices is required on a system, the panel firmware should not be updated.
We also recommend that ALL panels on the same network must have the same firmware installed, to avoid any problems that might result from incompatible firmware versions on different panels.

In the event that it is necessary to update the panel firmware, the Loop Explorer configuration software has a utility built in to perform the update. Selecting the Loop Explorer “Tools” menu leads to a “Flash” option which, when selected, provides full instructions on the update process.


Before performing the firmware update process, ensure that you have an up to date copy of the site configuration for all panels (on the network).

After updating the panel firmware Autolearn the panel, then re-load the configuration into the panel

This process ensures that the site configuration file is correctly stored in the right memory locations for the firmware revision installed and will properly respond in accordance with the site settings.

Tip – to avoid waiting for the panel to initialise before selecting the Autolearn menu option, it is possible to force the panel to Autolearn by pressing and holding the front panel “Function 1” and “Enter” buttons whilst pressing and releasing the internal processor reset button. Continue to hold these buttons until the “Re-initialising” message is shown on the panel display.

For details of the Syncro firmware update procedure:


Sigma XT
Control Panel

Sigma XT manual update

Following the revision to the Sigma XT firmware (see ITTL 24), the product manual has been updated to reflect these amendments.

Section 13.6 - Extract Relay
The extract relay will operate when option Ac is selected at access level 2.
This provides a means to vent a room of extinguishant gases but prevents the gases from being vented during a discharge.

Section 15.18 – Panel Operation – Extract Fan
When the extract function is selected by access level 2 option Ac, the extract contact in the panel and at all ancillary boards will operate.
When active, the display shows a flashing dot after the Ac. display. If the panel enable control key is switched off when the extract output is active, the display will show "ccc". Turning on the Enable Control key will not automatically display the menu options if the "ccc" message is present.
The Ac. display can be shown by pressing the Mode button, and then followed by the Enter button to clear the event.

The updated Sigma XT manual (Issue 11) may be downloaded from the Kentec web site or by clicking the link below

Sigma XT Manual:
Get ITTL 24 for details of the Sigma XT update:

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