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Loop Explorer V4.90 Release

As part of our regular improvement program for the Syncro control panel range, a new version of the Loop Explorer configuration application has been released and supplied to all registered users.

This new version provides the following new features:

  • Support for the Syncro MatrixTM Mimic display panel
  • Coincidence by Device in selected Zones – new cause and effect operator
  • Extended output delay options

In addition, the Hochiki protocol version of Loop Explorer provides the additional configuration facility.

  • CHQ-POM “Remove output on reset” configuration option

In addition to the three common features above, the Argus Vega protocol version of Loop Explorer has the following additional features.

  • Polling LED control
  • Device type rationalisation

Please note that these features are only supported on Syncro panels with firmware V5.90 or later and Syncro AS panels with firmware V5.22 or later.

This version of Loop Explorer will remain compatible with older Syncro panels, but the new features supported will not be available.

Download full details of these improvements:
Download the Syncro Matrix Flyer:
Download the Syncro Matrix Manual:

Syncro V5.90 / Syncro AS V5.22 Firmware New Features

As part of the Syncro product range update, new panel firmware versions have been released and will be installed in all panels produced from April 2008. These firmware versions provide support for the following new features

  • Support for the Syncro Matrix Mimic control panel
  • Support for a new cause and effect operator “Coincidence by device for selected zones”
  • Extended output delay configuration support

In order to configure these features, it will be necessary to use Loop Explorer V4.90. See the Loop Explorer V4.90 details above for more information.

In addition, the following improvements have been implemented

  • Improved Response to the Syncro View repeater
    • This permits the View repeater to be more responsive when using the user menu in a fire condition
  • View Repeater revised buzzer operation
    • The View repeater buzzer will now follow the buzzer operation of the host Syncro panel and will mute when the buzzer mute is pressed either on the View or host Syncro panel.
  • Hochiki CHQ-POM “Drop on reset” support
    • Removes the power to the load for 5 seconds when the panel is reset.
  • Argus Vega Loop Sounder “Group Command”
    • Allows all addressable sounders set to default ring mode (and with no delays set) to switch with a single command.
    • This requires a revised loop microcontroller firmware update and therefore cannot be supported on older panels.
  • Argus Vega Heat Detector rationalisation
    • The heat detector type is configured on the handheld programmer to one of two types, both of which are supported by the panel and Loop Explorer V4.90
  • Argus Vega Selectable “Flash on polling” LED control
    • Allows the device indicators to be configured to either flash on polling or to remain off until the device goes to fire.
  • Apollo Maintenance Fault recalibration when removed / replaced
    • When a device in maintenance fault is removed and replaced, the maintenance fault is cleared from the panel and the new device is checked upon initialisation.
A number of known problems have also been resolved as part of this update, for full details of these amendments, download the update document:

Download Syncro V5.90UK Apollo Protocol update firmware:

Download Syncro V5.90UK EN Compatible Apollo Protocol update firmware
(older panels without write enable switch):

Download Syncro V5.90UK Hochiki Protocol update firmware:

Download Syncro V5.90UK EN Compatible Hochiki Protocol update firmware
(older panels without write enable switch):

Download Syncro V5.90UK Argus Vega Protocol update firmware:

Download Syncro AS V5.22UK Apollo/Hochiki Protocol update firmware:

Download Syncro AS V5.22UK Argus Vega Protocol update firmware:

If you feel a colleague may benefit from receiving In the Technical Loop they can be registered for their own future copy by clicking the following link.

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