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Sigma XT
Control Panel

Sigma XT Firmware - New Features

As a result of customer feedback and as part of our policy of continuous improvement, the Sigma XT control panel firmware has been updated to provide the following new features.
This revised firmware will be fitted to all Sigma XT panels manufactured from December 2007.

Extract Output
The extract output on the Sigma XT could previously only be operated after the release sequence had been completed. When activated, the output would only operate for three minutes and then automatically timeout.

The mode of operation of the extract output has now been modified, so that it can be selected at any time and will remain operated until either toggled off or the panel is reset.

The "Ac" user menu facility has been moved to the end of the user menu list. On earlier versions of the Sigma XT, this menu option is the first to be displayed as soon as the enable control key is selected.

Infinite extinguishing duration
The Sigma XT extinguishing output may be configured for a selectable duration between 60 seconds and 300 seconds in five-second steps. In some exceptional cases, it is desirable to have the output permanently operated, rather than switch off after the defined duration.

A new configuration option (menu selection ‘2b’) has been added, which when selected sets the extinguishing output duration to infinity. The output will switch off only when the panel is reset.

NOTE: The panel does not conform to the requirements of EN12094 part 1 when this configuration option is selected,

Low-pressure Switch input
Switching a 470-ohm resistance across the circuit activates the fully monitored low-pressure switch input. This input therefore relies upon normally open contacts at the low-pressure switch.
Many low-pressure switches use normally closed contacts, which open on low-pressure signal. This causes problems when trying to connect to the Sigma XT control panel input.

A new configuration option (menu selection ‘2C’) has been added. When this configuration option is selected, the low-pressure switch input is inverted, thus accommodating normally closed contacts.

‘Manual Release’ and ‘Released’ input monitoring
If either of these inputs are active when the panel is reset, then following the reset the panel will redisplay that the appropriate input is operated.
Earlier firmware version panels did not reinstate the activated condition.

Detection circuit thresholds optimisation
Small adjustments have been made to the detection circuit current thresholds for use with intrinsically safe barriers. These adjustments ensure reliable operation with wider ranges of I.S. barrier electrical parameters.

Fire detection system - Reset function
The fire detection element of the Sigma XT control panel can now be reset at any time.

This accommodates the scenario whereby a zone has been disabled and a detector on the zone has gone to a fire condition. It is now possible to reset the detection device (by removing power from the zone) before enabling the detection zone.

The Sigma XT firmware now allows the reset function to work in the quiescent condition, rather than just in a fire condition.


These new features are supported on panels with SIGXT_12 (Version 1.2) or later firmware.

This new firmware Sigma XT control panel is compatible with any sigma SI status indication units.

For systems fitted with older Sigma XT ancillary relay boards, there is the small compatibility issue. When the extract output is operated on the Sigma XT panel, this output is not operated on the ancillary relay board. All other ancillary relay board Outputs operate as expected.
Sigma XT Ancillary Relay boards fitted with XTREM_12 (Version 1.2) or later firmware will fully support these features.

Download the Sigma XT manual:
Download the Sigma XT ancillary board manual:
Download the Sigma Si status units manual:

Syncro V5.80 / Syncro AS V5.21 Firmware
New Features

As part of our continuous product development, there are new firmware versions released for the Syncro and Syncro AS products.

These new versions have a number of improvements related to the networking of the control panels, in particular the robustness of the network when there is a high level of network traffic.
The high level of network traffic would normally be evident on systems with a high number of device faults and/or high levels of engineering activity and are normally only seen at commissioning stage of the panel installation process.

The revisions implemented in these versions ensures that all panel reliably show the same number of events and show the same events following a reset after a fire condition – even with a high level of faults on the network.

In addition, some previously identified problems have been resolved:-

  • Hochiki YBO-BSB beacon output can now be configured to switch off on the alarm silence (Silenceable) command.
  • Apollo Discovery Base Sounder Beacon volume settings can now be configured through the loop protocol.
  • The correct type code for the Apollo XPander Radio Sounder is now passed to the panel.
  • Disablement cause and effects now only show the cause and effect name as active, not all the inputs / outputs actually disabled under the cause and effect.
  • Hochiki devices that are disabled during their calibration routine will now correctly calibrate and calculate valid working fire and pre-alarm thresholds.
  • When zone disablements are performed at the same time as the network data goes offline, the system does not toggle the disablement event and the correct state is reported.
  • Outputs configured to operate intermittently by cause and effect now clear correctly when the cause and effect is cleared.
  • Outputs configured to operate under cause and effect action now clear correctly when more than one input contributing to the "cause" is activated.

Some of these problems have been introduced as a result of the extensive work undertaken in splitting the protocol versions in order to make more space in the panel memory (Syncro V5.70 release) as detailed in “In the Technical Loop Issue 22”.

It is recommended that networked systems with V5.70 firmware installed are updated to V5.80 (Syncro AS V5.21) if the systems are experiencing any of the above problems.

Download Syncro V5.80 Apollo Protocol
update firmware:

Download Syncro V5.80 EN Compatible
Apollo Protocol update firmware
(older panels without write enable switch):

Download Syncro V5.80 Hochiki Protocol
update firmware:

Download Syncro V5.80 EN Compatible
Hochiki Protocol update firmware
(older panels without write enable switch):

Download Syncro AS V5.21 Apollo/Hochiki Protocol update firmware:

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