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Syncro V5.70 / Syncro AS V5.20 Firmware
New Features

As part of the Syncro product range update, there are new panel firmware versions released. These firmware versions provide a number of new features as well as support for new devices from both Hochiki and Apollo protocol ranges.

The new devices supported include:

  • Apollo Discovery Loop Sounder Beacon
  • Apollo XPander Radio Interface and Radio Devices

  • Hochiki CHQ-WS2 Wall Sounder
  • Hochiki YBO-BS base sounder
  • Hochiki YBO-BSB base sounder beacon
  • Hochiki CHQ-POM powered output module
  • Hochiki Aspirated Smoke Detector

  • Kentec LIOU (Lite version of the MIOU)

The following products have been enhanced:

  • Apollo Intelligent Reflective Beam Unit Fault reporting - Each of the reflective beam fault events are now individually reported on the panel.
  • Apollo Discovery Devices Mode Selection
    The active Discovery sensitivity mode can now be seen in the “View Devices” menu.
The following devices have been supported for some time on the Syncro product, but now it is possible to configure if the polling LED is enabled or inhibited.
  • Apollo Discovery Call Point
  • Hochiki ACB-E Heat Sensor
  • Hochiki ACA-E Multisensor
  • Hochiki HCP-E Call Point

In addition to these new devices there are a number of new features within the control panel

  • Open ended network support
  • Fire zone indicators - offset facility
  • Disablement Output Facility
  • “Zones by Node” cause and effect programming
  • Activate delays on initialisation
  • Hide disablement indication when delays are activated

  • Support for OEM panel integration using the “Virtual Panel” option

  • Syncro AS panel only – support for the second detection loop

Some known software problems have also been resolved as part of this update.

For full details of these enhancements, device support and other amendments, click to download the update document:

Syncro Split Protocol Implementation

Display Part Numbers
Following the implementation of these many enhancements to the Syncro product range, it has been necessary to compile protocol specific versions of firmware.

Up to the point when these features were added, support for both Hochiki & Apollo protocol devices were included in the same firmware, loaded into the common Syncro display card (S550EN). The Syncro display card communicated with the protocol specific loop cards and selected the appropriate protocol based upon the loops detected.

However these new features and enhancements have caused the combined protocol firmware to exceed the available memory installed on the Syncro display card.

Therefore in future, the Syncro display card will become protocol specific and will have protocol specific firmware pre-installed. This display card firmware must match the firmware of the loop cards, or the panel will not operate and will display an “Incorrect Loop Protocol” fault message.

Two new parts have been generated to allow this implementation

  • S550ENA – Apollo Protocol Syncro EN54 approved display card - This display card hardware is identical to the current S550EN but the firmware loaded will be for Apollo protocol EN54 Kitemarked panels only.
  • S550ENH – Hochiki Protocol Syncro EN54 approved display card - This display card hardware is identical to the current S550EN but the firmware loaded will be for Hochiki protocol EN54 Kitemarked panels only.

Argus Vega protocol panels have always had a unique display card part number (S550ENV) and therefore there will be no change in part references for Argus Vega protocol panels.

The S550EN display card will no longer be available.

NOTE: The split protocol implementation only applies to the Syncro control panel. The Syncro AS firmware will continue to support both Hochiki and Apollo protocol in a single firmware file.
When requesting firmware updates for the Syncro panel, it is essential that the protocol is specified.

Spares & Replacement Items

When ordering replacement display cards for BSI Kitemarked panels, the protocol MUST be included in the order request. Failure to specify the correct protocol may result in a compatibility problem with the result that the panel fails to operate at all and will constantly show a “Incorrect Loop Protocol” fault condition.

Syncro Network Compatibility

When networking EN approved panels with older panels it is important to ensure that all panels have the same firmware version installed.
“EN compatible” firmware versions are available for both Hochiki and Apollo protocol panels, to allow older hardware display cards to be updated to be compatible with the EN approved control panels.
This compatible firmware should only be installed on display cards that do not have the write enable switch installed.

For more details of the split protocol click here:

Loop Explorer Version 4.8

In order to configure the new device types and panel features, you will need to use the Loop Explorer Version 4.8 configuration program.

If you feel a colleague may benefit from receiving In the Technical Loop they can be registered for their own future copy by clicking the following link.

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