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Signifire 2
Analogue Addressable Fire Control Panel

Signifire – Spare Parts availability

Further to the bulletin in ITTL Edition 16, we regret that we can no longer supply the following Signifire products;

B1977 / B1977A Signifire / Signifire II Main DCI Controller Card
B1976 / B1976A Signifire / Signifire II MCPU Interface card
B1979 Signifire Repeater panel Main Interface Card (MCPU-R)

This is due to problems with availability of components used on the Signifire microprocessor sub-assembly circuits. This availability has affected the timely repair of these items for some time and resulted in the withdrawal of the repair service for these items from January 2007.

As these sub-assemblies are core components for the Signifire product, this will also mean that we can no longer supply Signifire panels or Signifire repeater panels for expanding existing Signifire systems.

The Kentec Syncro control panel range has superseded the Signifire system and has been available since 2000. The Syncro panel continues to support all new detection devices and provides more flexibility and features over the Signifire product.

Spare Signifire/ Signifire II display cards, terminal cards and Signifire Repeater display and terminal cards are still available at present, subject to continuing component availability.

Please contact any member of the Technical Support or Customer Service departments if you require additional information.

Syncro Analogue Addressable Fire Control Panel


Syncro AS
Analogue Addressable Fire Control Panel

Syncro Open Ended Network Option

Up to 64 Syncro and Syncro AS control panels can be networked using a secure, fault tolerant 2-core RS485 data loop.
The networking capability is provided by the addition of an S555 network driver card into each Syncro or Syncro AS control panel. This card not only provides the networking facility, but also acts as a network data booster and network cable isolator to guarantee consistent operation of the network, even if there is a single cable fault on the network data loop.

Any single cable short circuit or open circuit will be reported to all panels on the network as a network cable fault from the two panels at either side of the damaged section. In addition, the network card has two “link healthy” indicators for the data in / data out links to provide further information to the service engineer. Therefore it is a simple exercise to quickly identify the damaged cable on the Syncro network.

Whenever there is a single cable fault on the network, the network data is passed back and forward between the panels on the remaining cables, thus preserving the integrity of the network messaging and sharing of information between panels.

The predecessor to the Syncro, the Signifire control panel, also supported networking, by using a multi-drop cable configuration. This product did not require a loop configuration and as a result was more vulnerable in the event of a cable fault – in particular a short circuit.

With the increasing difficulty in sourcing the Signifire core components, it is generally recommended that the Signifire product is replaced with the Syncro control panel where possible. For existing Signifire networks, it is not always easy to install additional network cables to provide the network loop required by the Signifire product.

We have therefore developed the facility on the Syncro network to allow these products to be connected in an open-ended network, for these retrofit applications. Loop Explorer allows the user to configure the start and end panel on the open-ended loop and by using the appropriate firmware in all panels on the network; the open circuit network faults will be suppressed.

This facility will be provided as part of the panel enhancements, which will be released in the coming weeks. These enhancements also include support for new devices from Hochiki & Apollo as well as cause and effects using zones on particular nodes and a zone offset facility.

Please contact any member of the Technical Support or Customer Service departments if you require additional information.

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