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Syncro AS
Analogue Addressable Fire Control Panel

Syncro AS Lite

The Syncro AS analogue addressable control panel is also available in a “Lite” hardware format, whereby some hardware facilities have been removed in order to provide a lower price product suitable for some cost conscious installations.

The features that have been removed from the Syncro AS to make the Syncro AS Lite product are:

2nd Loop Expansion facility.
During the course of 2007 a second loop will become available for the Syncro AS product. This loop expansion will be provided by a plug-in loop card, which fits onto the existing Syncro AS circuit board. The Lite product will not have connectors fitted to allow this expansion option.
RS485 expansion port.
The Syncro AS product supports up to 32 expansion cards, which include -
S560 16-channel I/O card.
S547 8-way programmable relay card.
S546 6-way sounder card.
S545 4-zone conventional detection card.
Support for these expansion cards has been removed on the Syncro AS Lite panel.
Syncro View Repeater support.
The Syncro View repeater is connected on the same RS485 data port as the expansion cards listed above. Therefore the Syncro AS Lite does not support the Syncro View repeater.
Printer port.
There is no option to connect a Syncro 40 character thermal printer on the Syncro AS Lite panel. The printer port components and connecters are not populated on this product.
Network support.
It is not possible to network the Syncro AS Lite panel with other Syncro, Syncro AS, Syncro Focus, Syncro Focus+ or Response repeaters. The connectors for the network card and network cable terminals are not populated on the Syncro AS Lite panel.

All other Syncro AS facilities are available on the Syncro AS Lite panel, including the Auxiliary 24 volt output, the panel sounder circuits, remote control inputs and panel output relays.

Download the Syncro AS datasheet:
Download the Syncro AS manual:

Sigma CP
Sounder Card

Sigma CP Sounder Card –
Panel Firmware Compatibility

Additional sounder outputs may be provided for the Sigma CP conventional control panels, by the addition of the Sigma CP Sounder card.

Three hardware options are available -

Sigma CP sounder card PCB only –
Kentec part S461
Sigma CP sounder card in enclosure (requires additional power supply) – Kentec part K04000M2
Sigma CP sounder card in enclosure c/w 4A power supply – Kentec part K04400 M2

Please Note:
The Sigma CP sounder board is only compatible with Sigma CP panels running firmware V2.42 or later. This product is not compatible with the Sigma II control panel, or early versions of the Sigma CP control panel.

The firmware version is clearly identified by a software label on the rear of the Sigma CP circuit board, which is printed with “SIGMA242.HEX”.

Earlier version firmware does not correctly identify or provide control for the sounder card.

Download the Sigma CP Sounder Card manual:

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