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Returned Materials -
Authorisation Policy and Procedure

In the event that goods supplied are surplus to requirement, then provided they are unused and in their original packaging they may be returned to Kentec Electronics Ltd., for credit. However, it is essential that before any items are returned, the following procedure be undertaken:

1) Items shall only be accepted for credit following written approval with the Operations Manager or Directors of Kentec Electronics Ltd.

2) Please contact our Sales department for an RMA reference number before any items are returned to Kentec Electronics Ltd. This number must be used for all correspondence relating to the goods.

3) Written approval will then be issued, using a Goods Return Application Form (KENQA196.03-03). It is essential that a copy of this form is supplied with the returned goods and that the RMA reference number is clearly marked on the outer packaging when returning goods to the company. All goods returned for credit must be approved before receipt

4) Items may then be returned to our business address. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer and will not be accepted by Kentec Electronics Ltd.

5) Any items returned for credit will be tested and returned to a standard production condition. This may include the removal of any customer specific logo or other specific information. Any material and labour costs associated with this process may be deducted from the credit amount, at the discretion of the Managing Director.

6) Failure to supply the required information will result in the returned items being quarantined for a period not exceeding 60 days. If the items are not identified within 60 days of receipt, then Kentec Electronics Ltd reserves the right to dispose of these items.

This procedure applies to all products, however project specific “special build” panels may not be eligible for credit or will incur a handling charge to deconstruct the product to a useable state. This will be agreed at the time the RMA is agreed and written approval issued.
Defective materials returned for credit may also be subject to handling and repair charges.

Download the Kentec Returns & Repairs Policy:

Extinguishant Control Panel

First Stage Sounders on
Multi Area Extinguishing Systems

Kentec Electronics Ltd. provides a range of Multi Area extinguishing panels, from a 4 zone single area (K4.01 / K4.01+) up to 12 zones and six areas (K12.06). These panels are based upon the British Code of Practice BS7273-1 for their mode of operation and have been available for a considerable number of years.

This range of panels use the detection components from the K3000 conventional control panel range, coupled with dedicated circuit boards to provide the control of each extinguishing area, as applicable.
In these multi area configurations, each area may be configured to respond to any combination of the 12 detection zones, to provide a 1st and 2nd stage response from the selected zones.

The first stage sounders for the extinguishing control panel are derived from the two sounders on the main 4-zone detection (CON05) card.
These two sounder outputs are not configurable and will operate continuously whenever ANY detection zone is in a fire condition, whether the zone is contributing to and extinguishing area OR as a peripheral zone.
These sounder outputs will also operate on the operation of the AL remote control input or upon operation of the front panel evacuate facility.

If more complex “area specific” first stage sounder operation is required, then it will be necessary to manufacture the panel as a “special build” product in accordance with the site-specific requirements.

Additional 1st stage sounder circuits may also be provided by the addition of the S256 (4 way) or S260 (2 way) sounder expansion cards, if the two standard 1st stage circuits are insufficient. Sounder current, power supply current rating and standby battery capacity should be considered when adding additional sounder circuits.

Download the K4.01/K4.01+ manual:

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