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Syncro Analogue Addressable Fire Control Panel

Syncro –
Support for Argus Vega wireless detection devices and Auto Addressing

Wireless detection devices
The Argus Vega protocol Syncro panels now fully support the Argus Vega wireless detection devices. By the installation of a radio translation unit on to the detection loop, up to 32 radio detection devices may be added to the control panel, each with their own address, location text and zone information.

Additional radio translation units may be connected to the detection loop to support additional radio detection device quantities, if required. This technique allows any combination of radio and hard-wired detection devices to be connected to the Syncro control panel, up to the 240 addresses per loop supported by the protocol.

In order to fully support the wireless devices, the Syncro panel firmware will need to be updated to Version 5.50

Auto addressing facility
Version 5.50 panel firmware also supports the Auto Addressing facility for the standard “wire connected” detection devices.
The Argus Vega detection devices have an internal short circuit isolator fitted as standard. This facility allows the panel to detect and address the devices automatically, in the order that the devices are fitted onto the detection loop. Therefore the detection device connected to the panel “Loop out” terminals will be address 1, the next device on the loop will be address 2 etc.

Auto addressing may provide some cost savings in the installation process, as each device does not need to be individually addressed when they are installed. All devices can be addressed by a single operation at the control panel, which de-skills the installation process and reduces commissioning fault finding time due to double address errors. However, it is important that the loop wiring cable route is carefully documented in order to maximise the advantages of the auto addressing feature.

Version 5.50 compatibility for the auto addressing feature
The auto addressing feature is only supported in V5.50 or later panel firmware. However in order to support this feature, compatible loop microcontroller firmware is required.
The auto addressing menu option is in the Access Level 3 “Edit Configuration” menu, under the “Autolearn” sub-menu option. If the Syncro panel has its firmware updated to V5.50 and the menu option is still not shown, then this means that the loop microcontroller firmware does not support this facility. In this instance the loop board will need to be either replaced or returned to Kentec for this loop firmware update.

Download the latest Syncro manual:
For information on the Argus Vega devices:

Sigma CP
Fire Control Panel

Sigma CP –
Revised repeater configuration information

The Sigma CP product now supports the Sounder expansion card in addition to the Ancillary Relay card and Sigma CP-R repeater panels. In order to support the sounder card, the panel firmware must be V2.42 or later (denoted by the “SIGMA242.HEX” label on the microprocessor on the Sigma CP circuit board).

When the sounder board facility was added, there was an amendment to the panel operation, to ensure that the sounder card information is stored in the panel configuration memory, rather then in volatile memory.

The revised procedure for adding the Sigma CP-R repeater is detailed in Section 13 of the latest Sigma CP manual (Issue 06), which may be downloaded using the link below.

If this procedure is not followed, then the Sigma CP panel will show the “r1” message (for repeater 1) and a general fault indication when the Sigma CP panel is powered on. It will not be possible to clear this fault by simply pressing the “Enter” button as performed on older panels.

Download the latest Sigma CP manual:

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