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Sigma CP
Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

Sigma CP – Two wire systems

Sigma CP panels are available in two hardware variations;

K11 series – A conventional “four-wire” system available with 2, 4, or 8 detection zones. This panel has two conventional sounder circuits and does not support sounders on the detection zones

T11 series – Also known as a “two-wire” system, which also is available with 2, 4 or 8 detection zones. In addition to the two conventional sounder circuits, there is the facility to connect sounders to the same two cables used for the detection devices. The sounders are connected across these cables in reverse polarity and the zone voltage is switched to operate the zone sounders. Therefore these panels provide the option for a sounder circuit for each zone in addition to the two conventional sounders.

The T11 series panels have configuration options that allow the two-wire facility to be deselected. These options are:

Option 25 – Enable Sounders on Detection Circuits This configuration is selected by default on the T11 two-wire panels. When selected, the detection zone voltage will reverse on appropriate detection zones, ringing the zone sounders in accordance with the selected ringing pattern (common / zonal or 2-stage).
When this is deselected, the T11 panel operation will be the same as the K11 series panels.
NOTE: It is not possible to configure K11 series panels for two-wire operation by selecting menu option 25. The T11 series panels incorporate additional hardware to support the zone sounder facility, which is not included in the K11 series panels.

Options C1 to C8 – Enable Two wire operation by zone
These menu options are used to configure Zone 1 through to Zone 8 (using C1 for Zone 1, C2 for Zone 2 etc) so that individual zones can be configured as conventional or as two-wire, as required. These will only work on the T11 series panels and configuration option 25 must also be selected.

The ability to deselect a zone from two-wire operation is useful in applications where zone voltage reversal is not supported by the detection devices, such as beam units and aspirated detection devices.

The C1-C8 options are only available on Sigma CP T11 series panels built from September 2006 with firmware version 2.42 (or later) installed.
This firmware is identified by a software label on the rear of the Sigma CP circuit board, which printed with “SIGMA242.HEX”.

Download the Sigma CP manual:

Signifire 2
Analogue Addressable Fire Control Panel

Signifire MCPU and DCI Repairs

Due to problems with availability of components used on the Signifire microprocessor sub-assembly circuits, we regret that we are no longer able to repair the following products;

B1977 / B1977ASignifire / Signifire II Main DCI Controller Card
B1976 / B1976ASignifire / Signifire II MCPU Interface card
B1979Signifire Repeater panel Main Interface Card (MCPU-R)

We have been unable to repair the Signifire printer for some time, due to the mechanism and driver components becoming obsolete. The affected products are;

S168Signifire printer (ribbon / dot matrix printer)
S304Signifire II printer (thermal printer)

However, the Signifire and Signifire II display card, terminal card and Signifire Repeater display and terminal cards are still fully supported at present, subject to continuing component availability.

In addition we currently can still support the Signifire 16 input/ 8 output card (K4001), 8 input / 16 output card (K4002), 8 way sounder card (K4006) and the repeater driver card (K4008).

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