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Sigma XT
Control Panel

Sigma XT – Configuration Option 29

The Sigma XT is the EN12904 pt 1 approved, BSI Certified 3-zone single area extinguishing control panel, which has replaced the popular and established K2.01 panel.

The Sigma XT has inherited many of the facilities of the K2.01 panel but, in addition, has more flexibility and additional facilities that can be provided by a microprocessor based product.

Whilst we have endeavoured to keep the Sigma XT operation and feel as familiar as possible for our existing K2.01 users, we of course have had to meet the requirements of EN12094 pt 1.
This standard does have some requirements that have resulted in a different mode of operation to the older K2.01 panel.

The most significant difference is that when the release sequence has started, it is not possible to reset the extinguishing element of the panel until the extinguishing released signal has been received.

This is to meet clause 4.12.2 of the standard, which states that a means to inhibit the reset facility until the released condition has been received shall be provided, and configured at access level 3.

Within the configuration settings, there is an option to allow the extinguishing system to be reset before the solenoid output is operated. This is configuration option C29, which is shown as EXTINGUISHANT OUTPUT CAN BE RESET DURING IMMINENT PHASE

When C29 is selected, the extinguishant panel can be reset during the second stage delay time, for testing and commissioning purposes. This mode of operation is more in-line with the K2.01 panel.

By default, configuration option C29 is not selected.

Download the Sigma XT manual:

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Syncro AS
Analogue Addressable Fire Control Panel

Syncro AS – System Fault

The Syncro AS panel is the single loop version of the established and BSI certified Syncro control panel family. Whilst the Syncro AS has all of the features and facilities of the Syncro family, the hardware has been completely redesigned to allow future expansion capability and to utilize current component technology.

There is one operational difference that has caused some confusion with the customers that have used the Syncro AS panels, the System Fault condition.

System Fault is the EN54 terminology for a microprocessor based fault and will be announced if the microprocessor restarts or fails to execute the panel program. In the case of the Syncro AS panels, the System Fault will also be announced when;

• When the panel is manually restarted by the internal CPU reset button
• Following the Autolearn process

The System Fault event can be cleared by turning the Enable Control key on (or entering the access level 2 passcode), then pressing the front panel Reset button.

Download the Syncro AS introduction flyer:
Download the Syncro AS datasheet:
Download the Syncro manual:

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