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Syncro AS
Analogue Addressable Fire Control Panel

Loop Explorer Version 4.6 - Syncro AS Single Loop control panels

A new version of the Syncro “Loop Explorer” configuration software has been released at the beginning of October.

This new version has the facility to configure the new Syncro AS Single Loop Analogue Addressable control panels. The Syncro AS panel inherits many of the popular features currently supported on the Syncro 2 and 4 loop range of control panels, including -

  • Large Liquid Crystal Display for the clear display of events and for simple navigation of both user and engineering menu facilities.
  • Support for up to 512 additional programmable inputs and outputs via the existing range of Syncro I/O modules.
  • Full support for the existing Syncro relay cards, sounder cards and zone expansion cards.
  • Support for up to 15 Syncro View repeaters.
  • Ability to connect these panels to the Syncro network.
  • Powerful network-wide cause and effect programming facilities.

In addition to the support for the Syncro AS, there are also two new Syncro panel features. In the “Edit panel” settings there are the following new options -

  • Any 2 devices to bypass output delays – this facility allows any second fire event anywhere on the Syncro network to cancel all delays and operate any delayed outputs. Currently it is necessary to write a “coincidence” cause and effect to provide this function, which consumes a considerable amount of the Syncro cause and effect memory capacity, especially on larger systems.
  • Resound alarms for second fire in zone – when selected, silenced outputs will re-sound automatically from a second fire event from the same zone as the original fire event. Older Syncro panels would follow this mode of operation by default, but the EN Approved panels adopted a “by zone” approach to the operation of sounders. Therefore on the EN approved panels, after a fire is reported in a zone and the sounders are silenced, they will only resound only from fire events in other zones. Selecting this option will allow the panel to revert to the older panel mode of operation.

Please note that these features are only available on Syncro panels with firmware version 5.50 or later.

There is also a section on the “Edit panel” setting screen for the option to configure and connect an “OEM Virtual Node” to the Syncro panel. This is a special feature that is only used on a limited number of special design projects and should not be selected.

Registered users of Loop Explorer will have automatically received a free upgrade CD of Loop Explorer Version 4.6. Syncro AS panels recently supplied will also have the Loop Explorer V4.6 CD included. If you are eligible for an upgrade of Loop Explorer but have not received a copy, please contact a member of the Kentec Technical Support team.

For more details on the Syncro AS panel:

Sigma CP
Fire Control Panel

Sigma CP – New Firmware Features

Sigma CP panels built from September 2006 will have a revised firmware version installed.

This firmware is identified by a software label on the rear of the Sigma CP circuit board, which printed with “SIGMA242.HEX”.

This firmware is primarily required to provide support for the S461 Sigma CP sounder card, however it also provides some additional useful panel configuration options. These additional facilities are as a result of customer feedback and our desire to continually improve our products to meet the marketplace requirements.

These new configuration menu options are -

  • Options C1 to C8 - These menu options are used to configure Zone 1 through to Zone 8 (using C1 for Zone 1, C2 for Zone 2 etc) on T series panels, so that individual zones can be configured as conventional four wire or as two wire, as required.

    This option allows a combination of two-wire and conventional zones on a single T series panel. This is ideal for supporting beam units or other devices that are not available as a two-wire format.

  • Options E1 to E8 – These menu options are used to configure Zone 1 through to Zone 8 (using E1 for Zone 1, E2 for Zone 2 etc) on both 2 wire and 4 wire panels, so that individual zones can be configured to not operate the “Fire Relay” contact, as required.

    This facility gives the option to configure specific zones to provide local plant control or alternatively to configure zones not to signal to landlords systems. When the configuration option is selected, that zone will not operate the Fire Relay.

For more information on the S461 sounder card:

For the latest Sigma CP manual:

If you feel a colleague may benefit from receiving In the Technical Loop they can be registered for their own future copy by clicking the following link.

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