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Syncro Analogue Addressable Fire Control Panel

Syncro V5.4 Update – Hochiki ACB-E type support

From 1st July 2006, all Syncro EN54 (BSI Kitemarked) control panels will be fitted with firmware version 5.4.

One of the features supported by this firmware version is full support for the Hochiki ACB-E rate of rise heat detector.

The ACB-E heat detector has the same type code as the older ATG-E fixed temperature heat detector, which makes the device directly compatible with older control panels.
In order to unlock the enhanced features of the ACB-E detector, the control panel sends additional commands to the heat detectors, which only the ACB-E will respond to.

Syncro panel version 5.4 (and later) has the facility to distinguish if the heat detector is the ACB-E, by interrogating the device with these additional commands.

If you are upgrading the Syncro firmware from V5.2 or V5.3 and have ACB-E heat detectors installed, it will be necessary to change the configuration file to set these as ACB-E devices. This is because they would have been previously configured as ATG-E devices.

Before performing a firmware update, always ensure that you have a copy of the site configuration file. After updating the panel firmware to V5.4, the ACB-E devices will be identified as “Incorrect device type” faults, as they will have been previously configured as ATG-E fixed temperature devices.
Using Loop Explorer V4.5, open the site configuration file and click on the address of the device that has been identified as an incorrect device type, then click on the “Change” toolbar button. Select the ACB-E device type instead of the ATG-E device for all addresses reporting the incorrect device type.
Save this revised configuration then transfer is configuration into the Syncro panel.

Note: When changing the device type to the ACB-E, the default setting is as a fixed temperature heat detector. Using the sensor properties option in Loop Explorer, it is possible to then re-define the device to one of the rate of rise characteristics if required.

Please also note that whilst Loop Explorer V4.5 allows the ACB-E heat detector to be connected to the Solo loop configuration, the Solo and Solo 2 control panel only supports this device as a ATG-E fixed temperature device.

Sigma CP
Fire Control Panel

Sigma CP – 3 wire adaptation

Many older fire alarm systems were wired differently to most of the conventional systems installed today due to differing regulatory requirements.
These systems, generally known as "3 wire systems" used a common power supply line and individual control lines for sounders and call points, hence the 3 wires.

Occasionally there is a requirement to utilize 3-wire cabling on modern control panels. With the Kentec K3000 panel, this was a relatively simple task as the zones and sounder circuits shared a common return supply. Details of the 3-wire connection for the K3000 panel may be downloaded from the technical bulletin section of the Kentec web site, or by following the link below.

However the more complex circuitry of the Sigma CP does not permit common sounder and zone connections and therefore an alternative solution is required.
The simplest solution is to utilize a 4-pole changeover relay, the coil of which is connected to the sounder circuit of the panel. This relay is then used to disconnect the detection circuit of the panel and to apply a 24 volt supply to the sounder cables. For a diagram, click on the 'Sigma CP connection diagram' link below.

Note: It will be necessary to configure the Sigma CP detection zone to “Short circuit fire” to allow correct operation. Refer to the Sigma CP manual for details.

Download the Sigma CP connection diagram:
Download the K3000 3 wire connection bulletin:

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