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Syncro Analogue Addressable Fire Control Panel

Syncro – New Firmware Release (Version 5.4)

From 1st July 2006, all Syncro EN54 (BSI Kitemarked) control panels will be fitted with firmware version 5.4.
This firmware version has a number of new features, including –

Support for the Hochiki ACB-E rate of rise heat detector.
This device can now be configured to any of the rate of rise heat settings as well as the static temperature setting previously available in the ATG-E fixed temperature device.

“Any two devices bypass output delays” - configuration menu option.
There is a new configuration menu to permit belayed outputs to be bypassed upon activation of any two fire events. This avoids having to write coincidence cause and effects to provide the bypass facility and therefore saves on the cause and effect memory capacity.

“Resound alarm for Second Fire in Zone” – configuration menu option.
The current operation of the EN54 panels is such that if there is a fire event and the sounders have been silenced, then a second fire event in the same zone will not switch the sounders back on. The sounders are only switched on from a fire event from other zones. There is now a configuration menu option to configure if the sounders will re-sound from another fire in the same zone or not.

Loop 3 and loop 4 faults events from 2 loop panels.
There have been some instances where 2 loop panel installations have reported loop faults from loop 3 or 4. Clearly these faults should not be reported and can cause confusion. The panel firmware has been amended so a 2-loop panel will not report any events from loop 3 and 4 during normal operation. However if an expansion loop card is added to the control panel, this will be detected during the initialisation sequence when the panel power is applied

Syncro View Repeater - support for power monitoring.

The Syncro View repeater has an option to be powered from a local 230V AC power source. When powered locally, it is necessary for the View repeater to monitor and report power faults from the power supply unit. This version firmware allows for these power faults to be reported on the host Syncro panel.

Download full details of all changes:

Download Version 5.4 panel update file - ONLY USE ON KITEMARKED PANELS:

Sigma XT
Control Panel

Sigma XT – Extinguishing Flooding Fault

The Sigma XT control panel has a number of new indicators (compared with the K2.01 panel) in order to ensure compliance of the requirements of EN12094 part 1.

One of these indications is the “Flooding Zone Fault” indicator, which is located in the “Extinguishant Status” section of the Sigma XT display.

The Flooding Zone Fault indicator will be illuminated whenever there is ANY fault associated with the extinguishing sub-system present.

These faults include –

· “2nd stage sounder” open or short circuit fault.
· “Mode select” monitored input open or short circuit fault.
· “Manual Release” monitored input open or short circuit fault.
· “Hold off” monitored input open or short circuit fault.
· “Released pressure switch” monitored input open or short circuit fault.
· “Extinguisher” monitored output circuit open or short circuit fault.
· “Low pressure switch” monitored input open or short circuit fault.
· A fault on any monitored input on a status unit.
· Disconnection of any status unit.

In any instance when the flooding zone fault indication is illuminated, there will always be an additional indication giving details of the source of the fault. However, in most cases, the additional fault information is by means of internal engineers fault indicators, which are only visible when the panel door is opened.

More details of the internal fault indicators are given in section 19 of the Sigma XT manual

Download the Sigma XT manual:

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