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Delayed outputs - EN54 part 2 requirements

We have received a number of comments regarding the mode of operation of panels configured with delays to outputs and would therefore like to clarify the requirements of the European Standard EN54-2.

If a fire alarm control panel may be configured to have delays to outputs (including sounders), for fire verification purposes, then the requirements of Clause 7.11 of EN54-2 must be met. Clause 7.11 is an “option with requirements”, which means that the control panel does not need to have the delay to outputs to meet the core requirements of EN54-2. However, if the manufacturer states that the panel does have this facility, then the requirements of 7.11 must be met.

Clause 7.11 of EN54-2 specifies which outputs may be delayed and maximum delay times. It also states that the delays shall be configured at access level 3 and that a facility to override the delays shall be provided

Clause 7.11 also refers to another clause (9.4.2.c) in the standard. Clause 9 refers to the Disabled Condition and gives the general requirements for disablements, including the general indication requirements (General Disablement indication). Clause 9.4.2.c refers to the specific disablement requirements for delays and states that it shall be possible to independently disable and re-enable the immediate actioning of outputs, to provide a delay facility in accordance with the requirements of 7.11.

In operational terms, to meet these requirements the panel shall -

· Have the facility to configure delays at access level 3 (at engineer / commissioning level)
· Have the facility to override delays, by operation of a call point
· Have the facility to select the delay facility at access level 2 (by means of disablement of the immediate response)
· Have a General Disablement indication and another indication (Delay On) which shall remain visible in a fire condition

The ability for any responsible user (at Access Level 2) to select whether delays are active is a requirement for some European Member countries. However the UK market tends not to allow the responsible user to select the delay facility and the delay facility is always active.
This means that when systems are configured with delays and the delays are active, there will always be a disablement active on the Fire Control panel. In addition, the Delay On indicator will be illuminated.

An equally important item to note is that if a customer clears all active disablements on a control panel configured with delays, then all outputs will operate immediately. Panel operation training is important in these systems to ensure that the disablement is not accidentally cleared.

As the Kentec control panels are certified by BSI and conform to the relevant product standard, we must meet the requirements of the standard fully. This will apply to any approved panel that is certified to meet the delay facility requirements.

The Sigma CP and Sigma XT control panels support the output delay facility and this facility is selected using the “Ad” user menu.
The EN54-2 approved (Kitemarked) Syncro control panels also support the output delay facility and this is selected using the “Disable Immediate output response” menu option.

The requirements of delays to outputs have been reviewed in Amendment 1 of EN54-2. When this standard is released, it will still be possible to select whether delays are active or not by a responsible user, but they will not be shown as a disablement condition.

Extended Warranty Period and
Service Replacement Items

From 1st July 2006, all products manufactured by Kentec Electronics Ltd will be supplied with a new, extended 3-year warranty.
This new warranty period protects the original buyer from defects in materials and workmanship for 36 months from date of delivery.

In the unlikely event that a product fails during the warranty period, then Kentec Electronics will replace the defective items using the Service Replacement Item (SRI) scheme.
Under this scheme, replacement circuit boards or other components identified as defective will be replaced following a formal request by fax or e-mail on company headed stationary and detailing the works order number from the panel which needs the part replacing . The replacement items will be sent for next day delivery, typically to the buyers’ offices, but can be to other specified addresses in the UK.
The original items are to be returned to our offices within 14 days of the SRI request date or the replacement parts will be invoiced.

The SRI scheme is provided to assist customers and to minimise the impact of a defect on the fire system.

In addition to the SRI scheme, Kentec Electronics offers an out of warranty repair service, whereby damaged or out of warranty items can be returned for repair and / or reconditioning at a charge.

A copy of the Kentec Returns & Repairs policy is available for download using the link below.

For full details of the Kentec warranty conditions, please refer to Clause 8 of the Terms & Conditions of Sale in the current Kentec Price Guide.

Download the Kentec Returns & Repairs Policy:

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