Edition 109 August 2016

The Sigma CP, 2-Wired System. Part of our market leading conventional range!


The Sigma CP is part of a series of our leading range of conventional fire alarm control panels designed in accordance with European standards BS EN54-2 and BS EN54-4. The range consists of 2, 4 and 8 zone control panels and are available in two different versions, 2 wire and 4 wire.

The version that we are focussing on in this special edition of In The Loop is the Twin Series for which compatible detectors, call points and polarised sounders are wired to the same pair of cables, which is why it is known as the two-wired system. Wiring sounders to detection circuits eliminates the need to install sounder circuit cables and offers the ability to provide zones or two-stage sounder operations. All control panels also have a mains powered battery charger and a power supply which are designed in accordance to the standards.

The many features of the Sigma CP 2 wired system make it a stand out contender when choosing the appropriate control panel to fill certain requirements. The Sigma CP is fully programmable using simple menu options such as an adjustable sounder to delay time, silent zones, zone input delay and general panel configuration. It has a simple single board construction and is extremely installer friendly which means less hassle.

Kentec have a range of Ancillary cards which are compatible with all CP models and there is a possibility of having up to seven cards per model of control panel and repeater panel ranges. In addition, Kentec also have an Alarmsense Version which uses the Apollo Alarm Sense Detectors for HMO projects.

The Sigma CP Twin wire panel is an ideal panel to hold in stock for when there is uncertainty about what system you will need. This is because each zone can be configured as 2 wire or traditional conventional.  It is also beneficial for the expansion of the traditional conventional systems with two wired systems and zone powered systems.

If you are interested in the Sigma CP or would like more information please download the datasheet from our website. Alternatively contact your local Business Development Manager who will be happy to help you.

If you would like more information on any of our other products then please visit our website where we all of our products featured.

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