Edition 105 April 2016


Kentec to launch the much anticipated Syncro XT+ Multi Area Addressable Extinguishing Panel



Kentec are pleased to introduce the Syncro XT+, an addressable multi-area extinguishant control panel.

The Syncro XT+ provides addressable detection over 1 or 2 loops with 16 Zone LED Indicators and is available with up to four extinguishant release control units built in. 

The Syncro XT+ is now fully approved to EN12094-1, EN54-2 and EN54-4.

The extinguishant control modules on the panel have a comprehensive set of inputs and outputs to monitor and control the extinguishing system whether it be gas, aerosol or another.  Being configurable via a simple programming interface means that the panel can be programmed to meet the clients’ specific requirements.

For more information on the Syncro XT+, please contact your local BDM who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and explain how the Syncro XT+ can help you.
Alternatively, please visit our website www.kentec.co.uk 

Download the Syncro XT+ Datasheet here:



Come and see us in Leeds



FIM Expo, the bi-annual trade show will be held for the first time this year at Elland Road, Leeds United Football Ground. It is a great venue in a great location and Kentec will be exhibiting there on Wednesday 27th April. If you’re in the area or would like pop up for the day then come and see us and find out what has been going on since we last met!

The FIA organise FIM which features many of the UK’s leading fire detection and prevention manufacturers showcasing the latest products & developments within this particular industry sector. Unlike the larger trade shows, FIM has a more informal approach and regional focus allowing visitors to see the latest just within the fire industry. With around 20 exhibitors, FIM is the ideal show for visitors looking for key manufacturers within one place.

At Kentec, we are proud to showcase our market leading fire prevention products which have been protecting lives since 1985. It would great to see visitors on the day to talk about how we can help you, so if you’re interested then please visit our website www.kentec.co.uk for more info on FIM and find out how you can register.



Kentec at Brands Hatch


On Thursday 10th March 2016, Kentec alongside partners Apollo and EMS hosted a small informal roadshow at Brands Hatch Race Circuit Kent. Kentec showcased the innovative Taktis System which combines the latest in hardware and software to produce a control and indication system which is powerful and sophisticated, yet simple to understand.

We are pleased that we had a number of visitors who showed up on the day to see what Kentec, Apollo and EMS could provide as a fire solution. We hope you had the chance to speak to Jason Pye, Business Development Manager for the South East and London, who was our representative on the day. He was happy to answer all of your questions and demonstrated to our visitors what the Taktis system could offer them.

Kentec would like to thank everyone who showed up on the day, we really appreciate your support and we always like seeing customers and potential customers to give them the latest in fire detection technology.

We will keep you posted about the next event, however in the meantime if you would like to find out more information about Kentec, the events we are attending or contact details for your relevant Sales Representative then please visit our website.


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