Edition 86 April 2014


R&D Expansion

As part of our continuing commitment to developing and investing in new market leading products at Kentec Electronics Ltd., we have recently expanded our R&D team and built a new dedicated R&D facility at our premises in Dartford.  Not only does this create an ideal working environment for the developers but we included test labs in the facility so that both development and test engineers are located together.  This will increase the speed of development and the quality of those new products.

To further enhance the R&D process we have expanded our development managements team with Rashid Dawodu and Robert Pang joining Ray French in a our enlarged development management team. Both Rashid and Robert have many years’ experience in the Life Safety industry and experience in product development.

With the addition of several new team members we plan to further enhance the development of new and existing products to meet the growing demand of the business/industry.



The full repeater range and deciding what is most suitable

Kentec can offer a repeater for all types of installations, from surface mounted to fully flushed, with or without PSU’s*. This can sometimes make it difficult to decide what will work best in certain set-ups. The diagram pictured (click to open the pdf) is a helpful flow chart to show the ideal repeater for various different situations.

*The Syncro Response comes with a PSU.

Syncro Focus and Focus+
The simple Focus repeater panel can be connected to any point on a Syncro network* to provide an additional display point for all events on the fire alarm system. This provides a more economical and compact option for additional building entrances, security desks or nurses stations.
The Focus has the same large full graphic LCD as the main panel as well as additional indicators for power, fire, fault and disablements. It also comes with two navigation buttons and a silence buzzer; this can be enhanced by upgrading to the Focus+ which has Silence Alarm, Reset and Re-sound alarm buttons.

*Network card required.

Download the Syncro Focus and Focus+ Datasheet a

Syncro Response
The Syncro Response is a full function repeater panel identical in appearance to the Syncro control panel range, offering the full range of indicators, controls and configuration options. The Response is supplied with a Syncro network card pre-installed to directly connect to the Syncro network which provides a powerful means of remote indication and control for an entire fire alarm system.
The Response also comes with 5 programmable relays, programmable inputs and extra sounder circuits to complement those provided by the Syncro panel.

Download the Syncro Response Datasheet a

Syncro View
The View repeater provides an alternative to the Response or the Focus network connected repeaters and provides a cost effective, simple and convenient method of extending the controls and indications of the Syncro panel to other locations.

The large LCD screen, LED indicators and full set of controls duplicate the indications and controls on the Syncro panel at up to 15 additional locations via a simple, two wire serial data connection.

Download the Syncro View Datasheet a

To see the full range and to learn more, contact your local sales manager or visit us at Firex International, Excel London UK, 17-19th June. Stand P500.


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