Edition 47
April 2010

Showing off Again

Following the success at Firex South we moved on to Las Vegas and the ISC West exhibition. At ISC we showed our full range of UL and FM listed products including our new Elite System of Fire control panels, detectors, etc and our Voice Evacuation system. We also had on display our ancillary products including our UL/ FM versions of our popular Matrix Mimic System, View Repeater panels and I/O cards.

For more information about our UL and FM approved products visit our updated VES web site.

Next stop, IFSEC, Birmingham UK, 10th-13th May where we will be showing a selection of both our European and US products including several new offerings. Find us on Stand H22.

Matrix reduces cost of ownership

The unique design of our Syncro Matrix Mimic panel has proven a hit with not only our customers but our customer’s, customers!

Syncro Matrix offers a tremendous degree of flexibility by design but also allows the installer to install the Mimic panel, commission it while the end user is still making up his mind where everything should go or how the Mimic drawing should look finally. As a result there are fewer delays in completion and a lot less frustration between installer and customer.

Matrix also reduces the cost of ownership compared to other Mimic panels. This is achieved by having no connection between the “drawing” and the electronics. Also by using Fibre Optic light pipes the LEDs are not mounted through the Acrylic front. As a result any changes to the drawing can be made at a fraction of the cost of a conventional type Mimic.

Don’t forget we also have the Sigma Matrix range which employs the same overall conceptual design but can be used with any system that can provide, switched outputs or normally open contacts. Sigma Matrix Mimics can be used with all known conventional Fire Alarm Systems.

Download Syncro Matrix datasheet:

Download Sigma Matrix datasheet:

We are Green
(but not with Envy!)

As part of our programme of reducing the company’s impact on the environment we decided to take part in the Carbon Trust loan scheme. This scheme has been set up by the government to meet the ambitious targets set for the reduction of carbon emissions.

To qualify for the loans significant carbon savings have to be made – Kentec predicted it would save over 100 tonnes of carbon per year. The process involved changing to energy efficient light fittings and fitting energy saving devices to machines and central heating boilers. With longer life lamps the additional benefits are lower maintenance costs and reduced amounts of hazardous waste produced from used lamps. All the works were completed during March.

April - Syncro Level One training in Scotland

We have a limited number of places remaining at the above courses (April 21st and 22nd in Glasgow/Edinburgh). These are for existing Kentec UK customers. Details of the course are available on our website but if you wish to register or obtain further information, please contact our trainer: Roger Suckling.

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