Edition 44
December 2009

Change of plan!

As you know in common with most other manufacturers we have in the past closed our factory and office facility over the Christmas and New Year period. However we do appreciate that this can on occasions cause some inconvenience to our customers. In these difficult economic times we must all try to work a little harder and find ways in which we can assist our customers. With this in mind we have decided to change our plans and remain open during the period between Christmas and New Year and we will be offering a limited service with a skeleton staff.
We will be open for business from 9 am to 3-30 pm (UK Time) on the following days:

Tuesday 29th December
Wednesday 30th December
Thursday 31st December

We will be able to offer the following limited services during this time;

• General Pricing enquiries
• Processing customer orders
• Supply of a limited range of standard control panels
o Sigma CP Conventional panels
o Sigma XT Extinguishant releasing panels
o Syncro AS analogue addressable control panels (Limited Range)
o Syncro analogue addressable control panels (Limited Range)
• Supply of Spare parts
• Service replacement Items (warranty replacements)
• Technical support

Unfortunately during this period we are unable to offer additional services such as legalising documentation for export shipments.

There will be limitations to what we can offer when it comes to products so we would ask that you only request product that is required urgently. Products will be offered on a first come first served basis.
All of the Kentec staff who will be on site during this period will be volunteers and due to fact there will only be a fraction of the full team we may not be able to deal with all of your enquiries as quickly as usual. We would there fore ask for your patience and understanding while our small team try to satisfy your requirements.

Kentec Invests in Europlacer iineo to Increase Capacity

In late 2008 Kentec Electronics expanded again taking on a further Manufacturing unit which greatly increased the Sheet Metal, Powder Coating and Silk Screening capacity.

The plan for the next stage of expansion was to increase the capacity of the Surface Mount production line. In October 2009 we successfully implemented this step in the plan by moving the whole line into the larger factory unit acquired in late 2008. Not only was the line moved but expanded in line with our plans for growth.

As part of this major expansion project we introduced a new "Europlacer iineo" Surface Mount machine into the line. The need to introduce a further Surface Mount machine into the existing SMD line was driven by the introduction of new, larger and more complex products coming into Production plus the need to meet the increase in demand for the Company's products.

The decision to install a Europlacer iineo system to complement the existing "Vitesse" was made as the Company already have a long history with Europlacer as a supplier of surface mount placement systems. It was a natural decision to look to Europlacer to provide additional capacity at this time.

Adding the "iineo" to the line has increased component capacity by 133% and has reduced production times by approximately 30%. Part of the productivity increase is due to the introduction of Europlacers' new "Multi Job Optimisation" software package which helps plan and manufacture the numerous sub assemblies made on the line without the need to breakdown or re-set the line.

Further changes were made with the introduction of a revised "Kanban" controlled manufacturing schedule within the department. We are proud to report the success of another major investment project within Kentec designed to provide us the opportunity to improve the service offered to our customers.

THANK YOU - Customer Survey Questionnaire

We would like to thank all of our customers who took part in the customer survey. We had a good response and we received some valuable feed back which will be included in our plans for 2010. The winner of the draw was Tann Synchronome and their chosen charity was the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army has sent us a letter thanking us for the donation and everyone who took part in the survey.

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