Edition 29

Carl Kindred

Sarath Myneni

Developing and expanding Kentec’s R&D

As part of the planned expansion of our Software Development Team, we now have two additional members of staff: Carl Kindred and Sarath Myneni
Carl has a wide range of experience in embedded system design, including safety critical systems and will be a great asset to the expanding development department.  He has an M.Eng. (Hons) in Electronic & Electrical Engineering.
Sarath joined Kentec four years ago. During this time, as well as completing his MSC in Electronic & Electrical Engineering, he has been involved in the development of our automatic production test equipment. His past experience and knowledge of the products have enabled a smooth transition to this new role.
We will put their skills to good use in our extensive and ongoing development programme and wish them much success.


Major investment in 3D CAD-CAM software

As part of Kentec’s continuous improvement policy, significant investment has been made in new CAD Cam software.
Following extensive evaluation we selected the ‘Pro-ENGINEER’ integrated 3D CAD/CAM package.
Further investment in training our design team started the implementation process within the business. Once completed benefits to both our business and our customers will be significant.
Other areas of benefit Pro- ENGINEER will produce:

  • Faster and more accurate preparation of drawings.

  • Improved “Order” to Delivery” for special engineered items.

  • CAD-CAM integration with our Amada sheet metalworking facility.
  • Reduced time to market for new products .

Syncro AS now supports
Listec Heat Detection Controllers

A special version of the Syncro AS one and two loop analogue addressable fire control panel is now available with a serial interface to the Listec SCU800 linear heat detection controllers.
The simple serial interface allows all points on the addressable Listec linear heat detection cable, to appear as points on the Syncro AS fire panel allowing location messages to be displayed and cause and effects to be programmed.
Connecting the Listec linear heat detection system to the Syncro AS addressable fire panel provides significant enhancements to the linear heat detection system by allowing it to be directly integrated with all other components of the fire alarm system..
Listec compatible Syncro AS addressable fire control panels are available with Apollo, Argus Vega and Hochiki detection protocols.

Please contact our sales department (sales@kentec.co.uk) for further information, part numbers, pricing, etc on the control panel. The SCU800 should be purchased from Listec or in UK, from their UK distributor, Cables Britain.

For further information on Listec:

For information on their UK distributor,
Cables Britain:

To e-mail the sales contact of the UK distributor, Cables Britain

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