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Those of you who visited us at International Fire Expo in the UK this year will have seen a preview of our revised and updated Syncro analogue addressable fire panel and Syncro Response repeater. The technical changes are far reaching and are briefly summarised below.
Note: These changes are enhancements to the system, all the functionality and compatibility is retained.

Product approvals and warranty terms are also unaffected and pricing, is also of course unchanged!

Please note that, with immediate effect, all purchase orders for Syncro and Syncro Response will be supplied in the newly updated versions.

We will however still be able to supply limited quantities of Syncro and Syncro Response in the earlier model/style enclosures for a short period of time, for those customers who require the panels to match existing installed ones.
To do this, please specify the cabinet style (ORIGINAL) on your purchase order.

Download the "New Products for 2007 brochure":

In response to customer demand, we have restyled the outer cabinet of the Syncro and Syncro Response to match our Sigma CP, XT, Syncro AS products and the Focus and View Repeaters. The dimensions are unchanged but the paint finish is now standardised across the family, so all these cabinets have the same colour and texture.

The model identification and brand/logo are no longer silk-screened onto the lid – they are now in the same style as the Syncro AS and Sigma CP/XT i.e. printed onto a label.

The newly updated Syncro must be ordered in a specific protocol version. The firmware must be specified as either Apollo, Hochiki ESP or Argus Vega.
Particular care must be taken when ordering spare parts – the protocol information must be included in the order request.

Care must also be taken in networking older panels.
For further information:

The Syncro now supports “Open-Ended” networks – it is no longer essential to have the network as a closed “loop” which enables network systems wired with this topology to have the panels replaced without re-wiring. Other new features included are:

  • Fire zone indicators offset facility - Allows each panel on a network to have unique zone indicators.
  • Disablement Output Facility – Allows a disablement signal to be configured on loop or panel I/O.
  • “Zones by Node” cause and effect programming – Greatly enhances the power of the systems cause and effects.
  • Activate delays on initialisation – Allows panel to remember delays when the system is re-started.
  • Hide disablement indication when delays are activated – Allows the General Disablement indicator to be inhibited when delays are active.
  • Support for OEM panel integration using the “Virtual Panel” option – Improved facilities for integrating with other systems such as BMS.

The Syncro panel now supports numerous new devices from our detector partners: The Apollo Discovery Loop Sounder Beacon, and XPander Radio Interface and Radio devices as well as the Hochiki Wall Sounder, Base Sounder, Base Sounder-Beacon , Powered Output Module and Aspirated Smoke detector, are all supported by the latest version.

Enhancements also include improvements to the Apollo Intelligent Reflective Beam Unit fault reporting and the Discovery devices Mode selection.

The Apollo Discovery Call Point, the Hochiki Call Point, Hochiki Multisensor and new Hochiki Heat sensor are now able to have the polling LED configured.

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