What about Networked Systems?

All Syncro panels on a network should be installed with the same firmware version, to ensure compatibility and correct support of the features provided.

If the Syncro network comprises of both BSI Kitemarked panels and the older non-EN panels, then it will be necessary to update all panels.

To allow the older panels to be updated we have a different firmware version. This firmware version is generically referred to as "EN compatible" and has identical functionality to the approved firmware, but does not monitor the display card "write enable" switch position.
The “EN compatible” firmware MUST only be installed on display cards that do not have the write enable switch fitted (up to issue 10 K6001 circuit boards).
NOTE: Very old display cards fitted with the AMD microprocessor may occasionally cause intermittent watchdog faults when updated. Consideration should be given before updating any S550 display card firmware if the AMD microprocessor is fitted.

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