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Syncro AS - Thermal printer capability

If you require an integral thermal printer with the Syncro AS it is necessary to specify the larger (M3) cabinet. This cabinet incorporates a second aperture, which permits the inclusion of the printer module. This 40 column thermal printer can also be retrofitted to any M3 sized enclosure. For further details please contact our sales department on sales@kentec.co.uk

Syncro AS – additional switches and buttons

The Syncro AS is available as standard with or without an Enable Keyswitch.

As well as the thermal printer option, Kentec also offers a range of add-on’s for the Syncro AS that can be used to provide additional rotary switches, key switches or push buttons. These can come with or without LED indications. The larger M3 cabinet is required and therefore there is considerable flexibility possible. Please contact our sales department sales@kentec.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

Syncro AS – Flush mounting

The Syncro AS is available in either semi-flush or fully-flush versions in the standard (M2) cabinet. Again, please contact our sales department sales@kentec.co.uk for further information.

Download the Syncro AS introduction flyer:


Hydrosense Water Detection systems –
manufactured by Kentec

Air conditioning, sprinkler systems, water cooled processors and heating systems are all potential sources of water leakage which, if undetected, can seriously damage todays complex electrical communication and computer networks; even a small leak can prove disastrous.

A Hydrosense water detection system can rapidly identify any such leak and comprises a control panel and either point detection Hydrosense probes or Hydrowire continuous cables. These popular products are available from our sole distributor, Vimpex

Visit the Vimpex website:

Kentec design & manufacture Mimic panels, too!

We regularly design and produce mimics (Graphical zonal plans) in a variety of formats, for either Conventional Fire alarm panels or Syncro Analogue addressable Fire alarm panels.

The provision of a graphical representation of the site layout gives users, at a glance, the location of the origin of a potential fire incident by the use of bright LED indication. This usually highlights a zone area on a site or a building map. There are many benefits in simplifying the search area and identifying the area that has been activated, especially where the end users or Fire Authorities may be unfamiliar with either the site or operation of the fire system.

To reinforce this, British Standard BS5839:Part 1:2002 recommends that a zonal plan is placed adjacent to the fire alarm panel. Other countries encourage the use of Mimics by reference to them in their local recommendations, too.

We offer a variety of formats: for example an enclosure to match the design of the Syncro or Sigma ranges of control panels, or a standard enclosure design with the door screen-printed with the site layout and LEDs fitted within the relevant areas. It is possible to utilise an enclosure incorporating a Perspex front with the reverse side printed and coloured to provide a glossy and impressive plan for the building you supplied or maintain.

Our Special Engineering department are able to produce design drawings for approval within a short time from receipt of an order and “Specials” are manufactured by a dedicated team of wiremen to ensure prompt delivery.

Whichever option you choose, you can be sure of a quality product engineered to your requirements that would greatly enhance an installation.

To learn more or discuss your requirements further, please contact our sales dept. sales@kentec.co.uk

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