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Syncro System Architecture -
Progressive and Powerful

The addition of the Syncro AS to the range has boosted the capabilities of the Syncro family. It is now possible for these single loop analogue-addressable panels to be connected to a network of Kentec one, two and four loop panels. The system can easily be extended if required in the future.

Syncro Response, Focus and Focus+ repeaters, the modem as well as GUIDE, GUIDE repeater and GUIDE-NET are seamlessly integrated to any of the Syncro panels. The internal Syncro bus also allows the local interconnection of the ancillary Input/Output cards - relay, additional sounder and conventional zone modules, as well as the Syncro View Repeater.

A schematic diagram displaying the interconnectivity can be downloaded by clicking here.

Further technical details on the interconnectivity are available by contacting our Technical support staff through this link. techsupport@kentec.co.uk


Networking Syncro control panels

Syncro and Syncro AS panels can be connected together in a fault tolerant network loop. This fault tolerant network also supports the Syncro Focus,
Focus + and Response repeater panels. Up to 64 panels and repeaters may be networked together in any combination, including different protocol panels.
The network configuration options allow any panel to be configured to show specific events from any other panel on the network, permitting any customer requirements to be satisfied.
The network uses RS485 data, which permits path lengths of up to 1200m between panels, when using compatible cable.
The networking facility of the Syncro and Syncro AS panels is only possible when the S555 network card is installed in every panel. The network card is pre-fitted to all Syncro Response repeater panels.


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To this end, if you have recently completed a noteworthy project using our products and are able to supply us with a few notes on the product, the installation and ideally a good quality digital photograph of the building we would be pleased to record it and publicise this for your benefit on our web site.

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