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Last month, we announced that we were offering same day despatch on our Sigma CP range of conventional fire control panels. The scheme is now in its second month, and has been a resounding success. Of orders that met "the rules" 100% were despatched on time.
In light of this success, we have extended our same day despatch* offer to include some of the Solo 2 Single Loop Analogue Addressable control panel range.

We are offering the following panels from the Solo 2 range branded to your requirements:-

#7516101 Solo 2 Lite Control Panel (Surface)
#7316101 Solo 2 Control Panel (Surface)
#7316101P Solo 2 Control Panel with Printer (Surface)
(# = 'A' Apollo protocol or 'H' Hochiki protocol)

As with the Sigma CP range there are a few rules in place. (see below)

Great news! We have upgraded the Solo 2 Lite and the Solo 2 Economy versions. Both panels now come in the standard enclosure, at no extra charge. Contact us for details of the upgraded range & Revised Pricing.

The following new devices may be connected to the Solo 2 panel -

· Integrated Base Sounder (45681-278)
· Integrated Base Sounder with Isolator (45681-277)
· Sounder Beacon Base (45681-331)
· Sounder Beacon Base with Isolator (45681-330)
· ACB-E Heat Detector

*The Rules
· Only applies to orders up to 3 panels in the specified Solo 2 range.
· Orders must be received by midday.
· For branded product, approved logo artwork must be in place.
· Offer only applies to English language panels.




Sigma XT Ancillary Board - S588

There is sometimes a requirement to extend signals from the extinguishing system for additional plant control or other signaling applications such as interfaces to BMS systems or house fire alarm systems.

The Sigma XT is equipped with a selection of volt free contacts which are often adequate for this purpose. For applications that require more outputs from the system, the Sigma XT ancillary board is available.
Up to seven ancillary boards may be connected to the status unit serial bus to provide distributed control and signaling at multiple locations if required.

For more information &
example schematic(700KB):

Sigma CP Ancillary Board - S580

The versatility of Sigma CP conventional fire panels can be further enhanced by fitting Sigma CP ancillary boards.

The Sigma CP ancillary board connects to the RS485 serial bus of the control panel and provides the ability to extend fire, fault and coincidence signals to remote locations up to 1200 metres from the control panel using only two wires (four if powered by the main panel).

For more information & example schematic(750KB):

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