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Our first In the Loop special features the Syncro Analogue Addressable System. We take a run through of the range of panels and “add on” items available that make the Syncro one of the most powerful systems of its type on the market today. We have also put together a special Syncro information pack which provides information on all of the components that make up the Syncro package.

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Syncro - Fire Alarm Control Panel
The Syncro control panel is available with 2 or 4 loops each capable of hosting up to 127 devices and will operate with Apollo or Hochiki protocols. There is also the choice of 0, 16, 48 or 96 zone indictors. The control panel can work as a standalone system or as part of a network of up to 64 control panels/repeaters depending on the requirements of the system.

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Syncro Response - Full Function Repeater Panel
The Syncro Response repeater panel is the same size as the main panel and is also available with a choice of 0, 16, 48 or 96 zone indicators. Syncro Response is supplied with a network card fitted and up to 64 control panels/repeaters can be added to a network.

Download the data sheet (255KB):

Syncro Lite - Fire Alarm Control Panel
The Syncro Lite Control Panel is designed to provide an economical solution to mid-sized analogue addressable fire detection systems. It has 16 zone indications available and each of its two detection circuits will host up to 127 devices. Syncro Lite operates as a standalone system, it does not have network facilities.


Syncro Focus - Network LCD Repeater
These simple and attractive repeater panels can be connected to any point on a Syncro Network to provide additional display points as needed. Offering an economical alternative to a full function repeater they are ideal for additional building entrances, security desks or nurses stations.

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Syncro View - Local LCD Repeater
This full function repeater panel connects to any Syncro Control Panel via a simple 2 wire serial connection. Up to 15 can be connected to a single control panel. The unit is available as a 24V option (powered by an additional 2 wires from the main panel) or as a 230V option with local battery back up.

Download the data sheet (687KB):

Syncro Net - Network Card
Up to 64 Syncro control panels can be connected on a secure, fault tolerant loop by fitting an optional S555 network card at each control panel. Each card has built in short circuit isolation so single breaks or short circuits on the network wiring are tolerated with full functionality intact.

Download the data sheet (505KB):

16 way I/O board
8 way relay board
6 way sounder board
4 way zone detection board
To further enhance the power of the Syncro control panel, up to 32 I/O modules may be connected to the serial bus of any Syncro panel providing up to 512 additional I/O points per panel.

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Syncro GUIDE -
Graphical User Interface
for fire Detection Equipment

A detailed, real time representation of an entire Syncro fire system can be easily realised with map drawings, photographs, audio files and text on a standard PC using the Guide system.

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Syncro Comms - Dial up Modem
All Syncro panels may be fitted with an optional, dial up modem. Connection to the control panel is via the standard Loop Explorer configuration software and allows an entire network of panels to be viewed at a remote location via the Virtual panel feature.
Simple maintenance tasks such as uploading configuration files, event logs and analogue values can also be performed remotely with the modem connected.

Download the data sheet (390KB):

Loop Explorer V4.5 - Configuration utility
Loop Explorer, the Syncro PC configuration utility continues to develop and set the standard for others to follow. When launched, Loop Explorer brought graphical configuration of fire systems to the wider market for the first time and de-mystified the process of configuring complex fire systems.

Each update to Loop Explorer has included more powerful facilities and features and it remains the benchmark for fire system configuration.

The latest version of Loop Explorer V4.5 has just been released and will be sent to all current registered users within the next few days.

Custom built Syncro panels
The flexibility and versatility of the Syncro system allows even the most complex of fire systems to be realised using standard components. There are occasions however, where special sizes or finishes may be required or integration of system components into one enclosure would be beneficial.

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