Syncro GUIDE


GUIDE Repeater

Syncro GUIDE -
Graphical User Interface
for fire Detection Equipment

A detailed, real time representation of an entire Syncro fire system can be easily realised with map drawings, photographs, audio files and text on a standard PC using the Guide system. The Guide allows instant graphical identification of all events on the fire system to be displayed at single or (with Guide Repeaters) multiple points to allow rapid identification of events and provide instructions on action to be taken. Guide can also send emails to any number of recipients for all or selected events as required.The Guide system is highly configurable and simple to set up.

With the GuideNet expansion utility, Guide can send customised messages and/or images to all or selected users on a PC network with notification of selected events and where appropriate, instructions on what action to take. E.g. Fire alarm test, Fire Alert, Evacuate the building etc.

Download the GUIDE data sheet (667KB): Download the Net/Repeater data sheet (885KB):

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