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Sigma 2 has evolved!

As part of the continuous drive to improve and streamline our product range, Sigma 2 fire control panels and repeaters have been re-named Sigma CP and Sigma CP-R and given a major styling overhaul.

The new cabinet style will be introduced to all Kentec products over the coming months and represents a significant improvement and consolidation for our entire range.

Comments from customers have been considered and the new Sigma CP range includes a number of enhancements including:

. Re-styled cabinet with new colour scheme.
. Quick fit lid & equipment chassis for ease of install.
. Plug in power connector.
. Traditional key operated enable control keyswitch.
. Cabinet lock for greater security.
. Fully re-tested and certified to BS EN54-2/4.
. Slimline cabinet for 24V powered repeaters.

Download the data sheet (725KB):

Sigma CP

Sigma CP-R
Repeater Panel

K3000 takes a back seat

The Kentec K3000 range of conventional fire panels have provided reliable and flexible service for more years than many of us would care to recall and have become well known throughout the fire industry as easy to use and "bullet proof".
K3000 equipment appears in many guises from simple, 2 zone conventional fire alarm and extinguishant panels to very large, custom engineered equipment with hundreds of detection zones and it is used worldwide.

Times and standards change and the days are now numbered for the K3000 range. Since the introduction of the EN54 compliant Sigma 2 range in 2003 (soon to be Sigma CP), it has largely replaced 2, 4 and 8 zone K3000 panel sales and has proven to be just as reliable and even more flexible.

Those who are familiar with the 1st June 2005 - 31st December 2005 price list <download here> will have noticed that K3000 panels from 2 to 8 zones are no longer listed. This is a deliberate attempt to persuade customers to convert to our EN54 compliant range of re-styled Sigma CP control panels and Sigma CP-R repeaters.
The Sigma CP range is available as standard, conventional or 2-wire versions for use on installations where fitting detectors, calls points and sounders to the same pair of cables would provide reduced installation costs.
K3000 panels with 12 zones and above will still be available for the time being but these will also be replaced with EN54 compliant versions in the coming months.
With thousands of K3000 control panels in service we shall of course support the equipment and spares will remain available for many years to come.

2005 Price Guide Available Now!

From the beginning of June 2005 a new price list has come into effect.

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