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2005 Price Guide Available Now!

From the beginning of June 2005 a new price list has come into effect. The list has been completely updated and includes many of the new products that we launched at this years Fire Expo 2005 show.
We are pleased to announce that as in previous years, we have managed to keep most prices static, in fact there have been some price reductions in the K3000 range.

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Syncro Nexus

Fire Expo 2005 - Follow up

This years Fire Expo show has been a resounding success, and for everyone that paid us a visit we hope you found it useful and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.
This years show was somewhat special as it marked the culmination of a year long intensive product development drive, our most ambitious to date and this has resulted in the first wave of our new look products coming onto the market.

Below is a brief overview of each new product and details of future releases.

Sigma CP - Conventional Fire Control Panels
These panels are based on the highly successful Sigma 2. This updated version is the first product to be offered in the new 2005 style enclosure. Sigma CP conventional panels are available as standard or two-wire versions with 2, 4 or 8 zones.

Sigma CP-R - Repeater Panel
Another product repackaged in the new format enclosure with a "super slim" option available for 24V powered versions.

Sigma XT - Extinguishant Releasing Panel
The Sigma XT was launched at Fire Expo 2005. The XT has been designed to replace the market leading K2-01 product range. The Sigma XT is not only designed to comply with the European Standard for releasing systems EN12094-1 but will be one of the first panels certified and approved to this standard.
In June 2006 EN12094-1 becomes mandatory under the Construction products Directive.
As well as an additional detection zone, the Sigma XT (which is based on the Sigma CR platform) offers the system designer many more configuration options than the K2.01 by way of a simple configuration procedure.

Sigma Si –
Extinguishant System Status Indicators
A completely new range of “Intelligent” System status indicators designed specifically for the Sigma XT range. New styling with more features, reduced wiring and lower installation costs are the key benefits of this new range.

Syncro XT –
True Analogue Addressable Extinguishant Releasing Panel

The Syncro XT provides a completely new dimension to Extinguishant releasing systems. The Syncro XT is based on the popular Syncro analogue addressable fire control panel and has an integral extinguishant releasing module. Syncro XT offers the flexibility and integrity of addressable systems with the added benefit of cost savings for the installer.

Syncro Si -
Extinguishant System Status Indicators
Designed specifically for the Syncro XT panel, the Syncro Si Extinguishant system status indicator range provides indication and control at any entrance to a protected area. The key benefit of the Syncro Si is that it is “addressable” and loop powered.

Syncro View - Local LCD Repeater Panel
The View provides an economical solution for repeat indicator panels.
A new, full function repeater panel which connects to the Syncro, serial I/O bus.
View connects to the Syncro panel via a simple two wire data bus and does not require the Syncro panel to be fitted with a network card.

More new products……....
New Power Supply enclosure
New Syncro I/O enclosure
New Sigma Document box

Coming Soon………..
We also previewed some very significant new developments which are due for release towards the end of 2005.

Sigma XT+ -
Multi Area Extinguishant Releasing Panel

From 4 zone single area up to 8 zone 4 area, the Sigma XT+ is based on the highly successful Sigma range of conventional panels and will provide a modular solution for larger and multi area releasing systems

Syncro NEXUS –
Single Loop Analogue Addressable Panel
A new single loop panel is being developed to replace the established and trusted Solo range.
The Syncro Nexus will offer installers and systems integrators many additional features including:

Networking with other Syncro control panels
240 x 64 graphical displays
Support of Syncro I/O boards
Support of Syncro Focus and new View repeater panels
And much more……

What next…………

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