16 channel I/O board

8 way relay

6 way sounder

4 Zone Conventional Detection Board

Multi/Output Unit

Are You Using I/O Effectively

Analogue addressable fire systems are becoming increasingly I/O intensive as more functionality is incorporated into fire detection systems.

Sensor manufacturers generally have a good range of "I/O" modules available, however the number of inputs and outputs is sometimes limited with I/O intensive applications requiring several large and expensive modules mounted or installed at a single location. Syncro "I/O" offers a cost effective solution.

The Kentec Syncro system was conceived with the growing need for I/O in mind and can provide an additional 512 channels of network wide, configurable I/O on each individual control panel via an onboard RS485 bus.

A range of modules are available to suit different applications can be mounted locally or up to 1200 metres away as follows:

16 channel I/O board – S560
16 channels each of which can be configured as an opto isolated input or an open collector outputs. Ideal for driving LED mimic panels or conditioning switch inputs.

8 way relay board – S547
8 volt free changeover relay contacts each rated at 1 Amp 30 V DC.

6 way sounder board – S546
6 voltage reversing sounder outputs fused at 0.5A. 2 volt free changeover relay contacts rated at 1 Amp 30 V DC. 2 opto isolated inputs.

4 way detection zone board – S545
4 monitored conventional detection zones, 2 voltage reversing sounder outputs rated at 0.5 Amps, 1 fire volt free contact rated at 1 Amp 30 V DC, 1 fault volt free contact 1 Amp 30 V DC.

MIOU – Multi Input/Output board - S559
For Hochiki systems requiring multiple inputs and outputs from the loop the S559 MIOU unit provides 8 opto isolated inputs and 8 volt free changeover relay contacts rated at 1 Amp 30 V DC at a single address.

The next time you need to specify I/O on a system, remember there is an alternative to the costly and bulky modules you would normally use and contact Kentec technical sales for advice on other options.

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