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Addressable Loop Beacon Devices

The visual indication of alarm is a recognised solution to supplement audible alarms in areas where high ambient noises are present.

In some cases visual alarms are used as the only indication of alarm, for example in hospital operating theatres or television studios.

Consideration of fire alarm warnings for people with impaired hearing is now commonplace in the UK, in particular as a result of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

Clauses 17 and 18 of BS5839 part 1:2002 give recommendations regarding the use of visual alarm signals on fire detection and fire alarm systems installed in the UK.

Both Apollo and Hochiki produce low current visual alarm indication devices (Loop Beacons). These devices are connected to the detection loop circuit and derive their power source and control data from the control panel.
Loop beacons may be installed on to a base sounder to provide an audio-visual indication of alarm.

Using LED technology, these Loop Beacons are designed to emulate the flash pattern of the traditional Xenon beacons, but at a fraction of the current consumption.

The current range of Kentec Syncro and Solo 2 control panels fully support Loop Beacon devices. However, as these are alarm devices, consideration should be given to the loop current drawn by these units when operated.

The maximum number of loop beacons that may be fitted to each control panel loop is given in the following table. To download pdf

Compatibility note:
Hochiki protocol panels (Syncro and Solo 2) need to be fitted with V4 firmware in order to support the Hochiki loop beacon.
Solo 1 and Signifire control panels are not compatible with the Hochiki loop sounder.

Apollo loop beacons have the same type designation as a loop sounder and are therefore supported on all panels that support loop sounders.

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