Reduce Installation Costs using Sigma II

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Sigma II T series control panels can be used to make considerable savings on some on installations by connecting detectors, call points and sounders to the same pair of wires on each zone thus eliminating the need to install separate cables for sounder circuits.

Estimates show that in some instances, up to 40% can be saved in time and materials!

The Sigma II two-wire system works by reversing the polarity of the detection lines when there is a fire condition. This allows the sounders to receive power from the control panel when there is a fire alarm condition.

To enable the control panel to continue to detect fires on zones that are powering sounders, the control panel reverses the zone polarity every few seconds and if another detector or call point has activated on one of these zones, a fire condition will be detected.

This method of wring allows each zone to have its own sounder circuit as well as the two common, dedicated sounder circuits that are fitted to all Sigma II panels.

This type of system has additional benefits in that it has zonal sounder circuits that can be configured to operate as follows:

Common alarm any fire condition operates all sounder circuits.
Two stage alarm the two common sounder circuits and the zone in alarm operate continuously and the remaining zonal sounder circuits pulse, 1 second on/1second off.
Zonal alarm only the two common sounder circuits and the zone in alarm operate.

This flexibility makes Sigma II a suitable choice for many types of installation including multi-occupancy buildings that require evacuation only after confirmation of a fire incident to prevent unwanted disruption.

The system can be used with two-wire detector bases and detectors manufactured by both Hochiki and Apollo and with any type of polarized sounder. By using call points fitted with parallel 470R and 680R resistors such as the WR2012 manufactured by KAC, it is possible to differentiate between call points and detectors allowing a delay to be applied to the sounder outputs for a detector alarm and instantaneous alarms from call points or vice versa.

Sigma II T series control panels are fully tested and certified to EN54-2 and EN54-4 and carry the prestigious BSI Kitemark which gives end users extra peace of mind.

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